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August 27, 2010

Movie Review: Dark House (2009)

by Heather Henshaw

Dark House is actually a refreshing new horror film. This movie starts off with blood covered child toys, so you can only imagine where it will go from there! Janet was the head of the house. She fed, clothed, preached, and beat the children that she took care of. One night, the kids decide "no more," so Claire decides to lead the kids down to the boiler room, and that's where they burn their bibles. Janet walks in and sees this; she loses her sanity and kills all the kids but one. This movie takes us on a ride of how a girl faces her fears years after a brutal massacre happened where she lived. She and some classmates go to become actors in a haunted house. Yes, the haunted house is the very place the massacre had taken place many years ago. Claire hopes to remember what happened those many years ago when her seven friends were brutally slaughtered by Janet Darrode.

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The thing about this film that makes it refreshing is that it is based on holographs gone crazy. This haunted house goes haywire, and Janet wants revenge on Claire for what she did those many years ago. The monsters are pretty awesome. It has everything from bloodthirsty zombies, an axe wielding maniac happy clown, and heck; you even have your bible thumper in this movie! One by one, the students face these holograms. Who will live, and who will die? You just have to watch this movie to find out! I also want to warn you that two scenes in this movie are not for the faint hearted. They have to do with children being beaten and a very intense sound effect of children being murdered. So if you are weak hearted or squeamish do not watch this film! If you are ok with it, then sit back and enjoy Dark House! Other than that, I think it was worth the 85 minutes of my life.

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