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May 8, 2012

Movie Review: Grindhouse Collection - Sex Mad Family

After Hours Cinema has done an admirable job for us perverts by continuing to dig deep into their massive vault of vintage hardcore porn with their various themed "Grindhouse Collections". The theme in the trio of titles on their Grindhouse Triple Feature: Sex Mad Family is aimed at only the true pervert - the kind that doesn't mind seeing family members do some screwin'. Cousin Pauline, Curious Women and Sex Mad Family are the three films included, and folks they're some crazy, cheap pre-Taboo filthiness.

The very first dose of dangling dicks and sloppy seventy’s tits is the delightful, Sex Mad Family. Here we have a father resembling Art Garfunkel, with a penchant for S&M and slightly uncomfortable discussions with his daughter. He can’t seem to get any lovin' from his wife so it’s off to his mistress for some slap ‘n’ tickle and good old fashioned fucking. Meanwhile, his very curious but dumb as a rock daughter stays at home with her cousin exploring their bodies. Sex Mad, they are, but attractive they ain’t. A lot of funny lines are thrown around in this flick, even though there really isn’t much to look at on the screen.

Next up is the best of the three films, Curious Women. Uncle Hans is a overalls wearing, German-speaking, Hitler-saluting farmer who loves his nieces - one a cute blonde, the other a frumpy, hairy brunette. In possibly the most oddly disturbing scene on the set, the furry brunette is shown fantasizing Uncle Hans urinate in the yard. Like most red-blooded women, she diddles away on her giblets at the sight of Hans draining his pecker. Yeck! If that’s not crazy enough, there’s even a murder by wine bottle at an orgy. This one is just crazy, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Watch out for Jamie Gillis briefly yanking it on a lazy-boy while viewing a couple screwing.

Last and thankfully just that, is the one feature on the set that I can’t recommend because it’s just plain tedious, Cousin Pauline. A young, naive American woman decides to go visit her cousin in France. As it turns out her cousins a little shady, so much so, that she drugs the poor girl and forces her to do some naughty things. Cousin Pauline is easily the best looking of the three but lacks the playfulness and entertainment value of Sex Mad Family the bizarre Curious Women.

As usual After Hours has tacked on some highly enjoyable trailers for several of their more recent compilations. Overall, Sex Mad Family – Grindhouse Collection is a solid, wacky and a consistently fun set of old cheap porn from yesteryear. Recommended.

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               Big thanks to the folks at RockShockPop for the screencaps.

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