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February 3, 2016

Movie Review: The Young Like It Hot (1982) and Sweet Young Foxes (1983)

Directed by Bob Chinn (uncredited)

Movie review by Greg Goodsell

The camera's in focus, the colors are luscious and the girls are all pretty – kind of sort of. It's as good as it gets for the twilight of Golden Age Porno. Both The Young Like It Hot and Sweet Young Foxes were released just before video killed the porno star. This Video Syndrome pairing will send lots of old perverts waxing nostalgic – among other things! – as well as younger folk, late to the party of filmed flesh.

The Young Like It Hot concerns a small telephone company and the randy lads and lasses who keep it running. When the operators' jobs are threatened with automation, supervisor Hyapatia Lee – long brunette locks and legs up to here, tells the gals to give their customers a more “personalized” service. This entails  handing out lots of specious bedroom techniques to couples on the other line. There is also lots of lame comedy. A construction worker (Joey Sivera) asks blonde bimbo switchboard jockey questions about electrical wiring. “I don't know anything about electricity, but my boyfriend always told me that I light up a room!” Har-de-har-har. The bimbo's advice – “Choose the yellow wire! Such a positive color!” leads to near fatal accidents and unbridled hilarity.

Women play with their pussies, get eaten out, suck dick, fuck – everything ends happily!

The extra for this film on the Vinegar Syndrome DVD is an interview with porno stalwart Bill Margold – and what a raconteur he is! I've met the gentleman in person and he can spin a yarn, I tell ya … well, anyway, he talks about his part in the film as an obscene phone caller. The scene indeed is a rarity: a solo male masturbation in a heterosexual porno. The story is simple and unadorned, Margold did as he was told – some of his filthy talk was appropriated by the character of the like-minded Paul, played by the late Paul Seymour Hoffman in Todd Solondz' Happiness (1999)! – and he was later informed years later by a college student that his scene was a positive influence on his overall social development. Whatever.

Sweet Young Foxes has even less plot: Three rather mature college

Again, women play with their pussies, get eaten out, suck dick, fuck – everything ends happily! Familiar fleshy appendages belong to such fuck film favorites as Cara Lott, Ron Jeremy and Kay Parker are all trotted out with cheerful abandon!

The extra for Sweet Young Foxes is an interview with porno director extraordinaire Bob Chinn, who comes off as a nice, normal, workaday guy pressed into the skin trade. He relates how his wife had to wait until their children went to bed before she could bang out scripts on the kitchen table for the next day's shoot. Chinn's interview ends abruptly, when he admits that he just got sick of the porn business. 

Vinegar Syndrome has done their usual exemplary job of creating a sparkling transfer for these long-in-the-tooth one-handers. The colors are beautiful and the photography is way above the norm for projects of this type. There's no real reason to pass up on these sweet young foxes, so if this is your thing – dig in!

coeds in a luxurious home have the summer in front of them following their freshman year (Lee) and decide to get laid as much as possible.

(This just in on the Vinegar Syndrome web site -- this edition was limited to only 2,000 copies -- and is already sold out!)

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