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February 19, 2016

Movie Review: Pound of Flesh (2015)

Oh no!  Someone has stolen Jean-Claude Van Damme's kidney and now he is out to get it back!  Okay, so I know it's already a silly premise but that only gets this goofy ride started.  This movie felt like it was trying entirely too hard to have any semblance of heart to it.  I usually don't have anything that spoils the movie in reviews but I may let some things slip in this one.

Deacon(Van Damme) wakes up in a tub of ice and realizes his kidney was stolen.  He calls some friends who may be able to help him track down his missing organ.  Deacon's brother George(John Ralston) shows up to the hotel room as well but Deacon's friends coerce him into leaving.  Deacon's closest friend Kung(Aki Aleong) tries to convince Deacon to let it go.  The people that stole the kidney left money and medication and it may be better to let this go.  Deacon declined, not saying why he wanted it back so bad.  Kung allows his bodyguard to accompany Deacon(he gets killed entirely too fast).

How did Deacon end up in that hotel room?  Well he agreed to go have a drink with woman he saved from a mean boyfriend.  Are these people sure they want that kidney?

Fast forward now to why Deacon wants his kidney back.  It's to save his brother's daughter(Adele Baughan).  Really?  You're supposed to donate a kidney to a family member and you're out doing shots hoping to get some cooz?  And why not say that at the beginning?  Kung was way more helpful once he found that out.  What a dumb reveal.  Nobody is watching this film to be blown away by twists in the story telling.  They don't stop there with trying to shock the audience.

This was a dumb movie.  If you want crazy action and some Van Damme fight scenes while he wears his sunglasses at night, go for it.  He's a bit more creative with the obligatory splits he does in all of his movies so that was cool.

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