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February 16, 2016

Movie Review: The Summer House (2014)

A seemingly well to do family has more than their fair share of issues.  The business partner and friend, Christopher(Stephan Burgi) of the main character Markus(Sten Jacobs) has fallen on tough money problems.  Markus agrees to help with part of the debt as it could have a negative impact on his life.  Christopher's son Johannes who is creepily played by Jaspar Fuld, hears the money problem talk and it gets the gears in his head moving.  It's evident that Christopher wants Johannes' help with the matter as he wants his son to befriend Markus' daughter Elisabeth(Nina Splettstober).

Markus attempts to give an appearance of a regular family guy but his regular secret trysts with a local male prostitute would paint him in a different light. His tastes in men turn into taste for boys.  You can see that even the swinger sex he gets with his wife(Anna Altmann), Christopher and Christopher's wife(Natascha Zimmermann) are not enough to quell Markus' twisted perversions.

While Markus was in charge of watching Elisabeth and Johannes, he took a fancy to the 12 year old lad.  He invites him to hang out with the family for a summer house grill in the yard.  The only thing he didn't tell Johannes is it's only going to be the two of them.  This turns into many meetings and we find there is more to Johannes than just a young naive boy hanging out with a pedophile.

This movie was difficult to stomach as there is really nobody in this film really likable.  It's hard to find any redeeming qualities as this film is all about Markus and his lust for a little boy.  This film was not enjoyable at all and I feel sickened having watched it.  At no point does the film maker make an attempt to make what Markus is doing as being wrong.  There is no social commentary as to Markus having a problem with being a pedophile, only that he has a hard time being faithful.  On a side note, there was a coat hanger abortion in this film which is probably something that should have happened to this script before filming started.

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