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February 27, 2016

Movie Review: Erotic Adventures of Candy/Candy Goes to Hollywood (Blu-ray)

It seems that all types of adult entertainment (be it soft or hardcore erotica) have put on display some memorable mammaries…or in very simple terms, boobies. The natural jug is something special though. Don’t get me wrong there have been some fine pairs of fake boobs in adult cinema but, to me, nothing beats a good soft, squishy, hypnotizing natural rack that hangs off a gal’s torso. Christy Canyon, Seka, and Ushi Digard are some true favorites that no doubt “bare” that top-notch bosom. I had never seen the lovely Carol Conners until I took gander at Vinegar Syndrome’s latest XXX double-bill, Gail Palmer’s Erotic Adventures of Candy and Candy Goes to Hollywood until recently and I must say that this Golden Age babe is right up there with those other lovely top-heavy honeys.

Candy (Connors) is a happy-go-lucky girl who just aims to please everyone she crosses paths with. It could be her super horny Mexican gardener, a well-endowed jogger played by the mammoth cocksman himself, John Holmes, her gynecologist (John Leslie, Baby Rosemary) who likes to get REALLY up close with his patients or even her horny hospitalized uncle. She doesn't care, she just loves to fuck and always seems to have a smile on her face.

The sex scenes are all pretty good as I really didn't notice a dud in the bunch, especially with Connors' exuberant energy. John Holmes even stands at full attention for their scene instead of rolling out a tube of cookie dough which was the norm for many of his films. Leslie is very funny in his role. I've always respected John Leslie as an actor but have never seen him do comedy and here he does a fine job of yucking it up with the gorgeous Connors.

In Candy Goes to Hollywood she's essentially a fish out of water and looking to make it big. She soon gets some work on a Gong Show knock-off with Richard Pacheco doing his best Chuck Barris impression.  John Leslie is back but here he plays Candy's agent where he does his best to help Candy out on jobs. More of the same here to expect if you liked the first film, but that isn't a bad thing. It appears too, that Palmer may have done Hollywood back-to-back with Erotic Adventures of Candy since you do see some teaser clips at the end of the first film.

The presentations for both Erotic Adventures of Candy and Candy Goes to Hollywood are colorful and sound great. I noticed very little wear on the elements as these were definitely taken from some pristine elements. The extras are sparse with just a few trailers, but with this being a double-bill for under 20 bucks this excellent Blu-ray is a great buy.

The "Candy" films as whole are a lot of titillating and goofy fun and certainly should be experienced by anyone who truly appreciates a quality pair of jugs. If you have yet to see Carol Connors' work this has to be the place to start. Highly Recommended

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