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July 31, 2010

The Podcast Burrito: Volume 1

I grew up listening to talk radio, and now that you can get it whenever you want, I am a happy boy.

The Adam Carolla Podcast

After taking over for Howard Stern on the Western half of the country, Carolla's show was an ever-changing entity. Once he moved into the podcast world, he started with one-on-one interviews and eventually got the crew from his morning show back together. Complete with news, Bald Bryan's sound effects and even Dawson's weed laced announcing, Carolla is back in business on his terms with his daily podcast.

After Hours with Heidi and Frank

L.A. radio fans will recocgnize the latter 2/3 of the Frosty, Heidi and Frank show in a completely unfamiliar setting. They sit at Frank's house with producer Eric discussing everything and anything considered far too raunchy for their AM radio show. Hell, it was even too raunchy for Frosty to join in.

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

Comedian Bill Burr rambles somewhat aimlessly into a recorder for 45 minutes. His stream of conciousness style is interesting since he doesn't have guests and just does what he needs to do from wherever he may be. Burr is best when he focuses on fan emails and storytelling.

The Bugle - Audio Newspaper for a Visual World

John Oliver of The Daily Show fame sits in New York while his pun happy partner Andy Zaltzman connects from London in this weekly news show that encompasses everything from politics to sports. The bast part is having the feeling that each has the goal to make the other laugh the entire time.

Comedy and Everything Else

Comedian Jimmy Dore and his wife Stefane Zamorano share their thoughts on the comedy business, politics and everything else, of course. Great comedians come in often and sit for the entire show.

Doug Loves Movies

Comedian Doug Benson (The Benson Interruption, Last Comic Standing) talks with other comics about movies and plays games in front of a live audience. Good if the right guests are there. If they aren't on top of things, Doug can be rough on them.

Fitzdog Radio

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons gives us an extension of his Sirius radio show that is both polished and hilarious. Fitz digs deep into every guest and isn't afraid to ask any question. He also incorporates great games like Overheard, Liar's Poker and Rank 'Em to get things going. Greg also throws in bonus podcasts from his road dates and other adventures.

The Joe Rogan Experience

This video/audio podcast from Joe Rogan is a two hour conversation about anything from his UFC and MMA experiences to the everyday mundane to consiracy theories. The collection of guests varies keeping things interesting from week to week.

Keith and The Girl

A New York couple gets topical on this daily podcast. The content and regular guests are always on top of things, and the laughs flow steadily. They also offer plenty of videos on their download feed.

The Nerdist

Chris Hardwick of Hard N' Phirm, Web Soup and several television shows Brings us a podcast with fellow nerds Matthew Mira and Jonah Ray featuring guests, live shows and in depth interviews about all that is geekdom. I'll admit that I get excited whenever I hear the super geeky 8-bit theme song.

Sick and Wrong Podcast

Two San Francisco buddies share their weekly review of the sickest news of the world. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely funny. It's like sitting with two good friends. Of all of the podcasts on this list, this is the only one not run by known entertainers.


Director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier talk about anything and everything. Not always great when someone fills in for Mosier, who is always hilarious, but still fun. Their occasional live shows are always a great surprise.

WTF with Marc Maron

Comedian and radio veteran Maron gives us a well produced radio show with guest spots from his comedy friends. Sounds like it's an AM radio show, which gives it a strange authenticity. Not for everyone, since Maron does vere into the uncomfortable. His best moments are the apologies he feels he owes his comedy peers for whatever woes he feels he may have caused.

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