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July 24, 2010

The Da Vinci Load (DVD, Hustler Video)

Yep, this shit is real. It seems like nowadays porn companies will parody anything. Edward Penishands, Lawrence of a Labia, Womb Raider, Little Shop of Whores are just a few elaborate titles the porn industry has churned out. The Da Vinci Load is another spoof given the XXX treatment. The title had me laughing pretty hard, but the plot synopsis made it even better; "Operative of the Priory of Semen discover that Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa....using his own semen. These keepers of the truth fuck in the name of art and kill anyone who gets in their way". Invite your friends over and make sure alcohol is present for additional hilarity.

That has to be THE most ridiculous and awesome porn plot ever. Beyond the sex and cumshots, The Da Vinci Load is actually clever fun. Who would have thought porn could intentionally be funny?

The writing is hilarious, for porn standards.

"Ladies, every time you let a guy nut in your snatch just because he's a professional skater or drives a Mitsubishi Lancer with Chinese writing on the side, you are polluting the social soup."

Skip the yawn fest that is The Da Vinci Code and watch the Load instead, Leonardo would approve.

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