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December 19, 2015

Interview: Adult Superstar - Riley Steele (2015)

Riley Steele.  You know her as a one time DIGITAL PLAYGROUND contact star, and as a current contract star for AXEL BRAUN PRODUCTIONS.  Winning numerous awards as well as gaining a countless number of fans worldwide since coming on the scene in 2008.  I myself am one of them.  And because of that, I reached out to the blue-eyed charmer, hoping that she'd answer some questions for us.  Luckily for us, and for you - she kindly agreed.

RLB = Rick L. Blalock
RS = Riley Steele


RLB : Miss Riley Steele, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions for this interview.

RLB : I have seen you in films from the time that you started, when you came up on my radar unexpectedly(it was a nice surprise!). Do you care to tell us how you became involved in the industry in which you are now one of the top Female performers?

RS : I started my career 2008, by signing a deal with Digital Playground, I was with them up until I signed with my current contract with AXEL BRAUN PRODUCTIONS, about 3 years ago, and I've just signed on for another year so I hope it's a good one.

RLB : And were you a fan of Adult entertainment prior to entering industry? And I guess I should ask, at what age did you become a sex kitten(uhh...I mean, sexually active!)?

RS : ;) Ever since I can remember, honestly. I just always knew what felt good to me.

RLB : Your favorite position to be fucked?
RS : Doggy.

RLB : Now here's a curious question. With all of the sex you are fortunate to have as part of your job, how much do you get yourself off - how much does Riley Steele masturbate? Because in my dreams, Riley Steele masturbates a lot! :)

RS : I believe it's necessary before getting out of bed in the morning. :)

RLB : Have you ever worked on a day, that you just did not want to?

RS: Of course, we all have.  lol

RLB : Porn comes in a lot of flavors, shapes and sizes, and you have participated in many different types of projects. You've done all sex, whether it be boy/girl, girl/girl, etc.), plot based films of all types, as well as parody. What is your favorite type of film/favorite type of sex scene to shoot, and why?

RS : I love them all for each reason. Of course I love to show up to set get my make up done .. have your picture taken .. do a little tease .. then have crazy sex and go home and shower.. who wouldn't ?? But it is also fun to  do the movies that true fans love and really appreciate the detail and story line.

RLB : And now that we have asked that, when thinking of co-stars, who comes to mind as some of your favorites to work with? I have always wondered this. And has there been anyone that you have not enjoyed working with? You don't have to necessarily name any names for the latter question.

RS : Not really that I didn't want to work with, but showers are always appreciated as well as deodorant.

RLB : And is there anyone on your so-called "No List"? Anyone you won't work with? I assume Ron Jeremy is a "No". Or is he a "Go"? No offense to Ron. He's a good guy.

RS : Well ... I don't have a "NO" list .. I think they just have certain guys or performers.. when I was with Digital it was the same 5 guys on repeat. I think fans got sick of that. Don't get me wrong it was all 5 of the top Male Performers, but I remember people saying they were sick of seeing the same guys. I have since explored new male talent. ;)

RLB : While on that, are there any male performers from the "Golden Age" of porn, or years past, in general, that you would have liked to work with? Who is Riley Steele a fan of - if anyone?

RS :Well, my last scene I shot was for Axel Brauns' Specs Appeal was with Evan Stone .. and he was in the very first porn I ever owned. DEVON DOES GIGANTIC COCKS.

RLB : For several years, you were a contract girl for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, but you have since signed exclusively with AXEL BRAUN PRODUCTIONS. How do the 2 companies differ, if at all? Is working for one more difficult than the other, and has AXEL BRAUN PRODUCTIONS, since opened up more opportunities for you?

RS : Axel works magic, and that is all I can say. Digital Playground was amazing to me and I am so beyond blessed to have had my whole career with them. It was such a small "family" style company, they did a great job at building my name. At that time Digital Playground was the top dog, the powerhouse of Adult Entertainment. But being with ABP has opened up a whole new fan base for me and expanded my name into a genre of Adult that I was not in before. I had done the "vanilla porn" "couples porn" ... signing with Axel, it brings me the Parody fan base, and they are a very loyal and strong force of a fan base.

RLB : And speaking of Axel Braun, what's it like to work with one of the leading directors in porn?

RS : It is really fun working for Axel, I love how particular he is, you know it's always going to look good. I appreciate a director that is on set and paying full attention to everything, he doesn't just yell
"Action!", make sure that sound got it, and move on. I also really always look forward to see how the covers come out, the BARBARELLA XXX one was my favorite, obviously ;P

RLB : And seeing as Axel is a true visionary when it comes to porn parody. and as such, he has afforded you some nice opportunities for you to portray some unique characters. Most recently, I have seen you as; "Barbarella", and "Tinker Bell", "Snow White". When it comes to "Tinker Bell", the role, seems to have been a role that you really enjoyed. Is it true? Is it safe to say that character has been your favorite to portray so far?

RS : Barbarella was the one I was most excited about, but Tinker Bell was the one I actually sexually fantasized about. I don't know why there is just something hot about Tink.

RLB : I know that as "Tinker Bell" in PETER PAN XXX, you basically, just stole my heart. You were so cute, yet so very naughty. While it may seem a little funny to ask, but before shooting, did you happen to go back and watch previous portrayals/incarnations of the iconic character, to ensure that you nailed it? Because you most certainly did. I did not see the behind scenes feature, because I reviewed it via streaming, but from what I have read, you really had fun with the role.

RS : Lol Not much more than looking up images, and little gifs, plus watching PETER PAN again. What I was shocked and excited about was how snotty Tink really is, she was a little brat ! I loved it.

RLB : Any plans for a PETER PAN sequel that you are aware of? I for one, would be down for it to happen. It definitely has the potential to become a franchise. There are so many sexual things left for "Tink" to explore. I think she likes anal! Just kidding(but I do love your butt! :) ).

RS : Not that I know of lol.  But yes, so, so many things I could think for Tink to tumble on to. ;)

RLB : As i've said, PETER PAN XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY is a huge achievement. Was there any doubt that it would be as good as it turned out to be? I mean, it is Axel. Doesn't he have like, 50 AVN nominations this year?

RS : Something like that ya.  He always gets too many to count. lol .. he is in competition with himself in some categories.

RLB : Ok some quick questions.

RLB : You have a huge, huge following of fans. How often do fans get stupid, and muster up enough courage to send you dick pics? I will just go ahead and assume that it's like an everyday, and on every hour, type of thing, because you are, after all, Riley Steele. It must get tiring, looking at little dicks.

RS : I do get them, and I mean.. I don't know, depends on my mood. I'd just like a warning cuz if I'm standing in line at the grocery store bored and open a snapchat, and the old lady behind me sees a huge erect, full-on black un shaven pubic hair .. it's offensive. So give a girl a warning. ;)

RLB : I also want to know.  Do you watch porn, aside from the porn that you make?

RS : I do sometimes. But usually just use my Hitachi or my hand and I'm good to go. :)

RLB : And what seems to be a routine question - Does your family know of your profession, and how do they feel about it? Are they supportive?

RS : Of course they know, and of course it's not something they would want, but they see that, what's important is that I am okay. I am supporting myself, I am healthy, take care of myself, and think of a life outside of porn. That's key.

RLB : You and I were talking about this on Twitter, when I mentioned that I also review mainstream Horror and Sci-Fi. You have co-starred in one Horror film yourself. That was of course the film, PIRANHA 3D. How did you like being in that film, and would you do more mainstream films?

RS : It was a great experience shooting Piranha 3D .. no mainstream plans right now. I'm focused on what we have planned this year, as well as kicking off my dance tour.

RLB : What does Riley Steele do in her time away, when she is not charming her fans' pants off? - By the way, my pants are off right now(no, not really!). Any favorite things to do? Movies? Music? TV series you follow? Etc...

RS : Of course my pants are off, I never wear pants or anything but little booty shorts. I think its so weird, people who wear clothes in their house. lol When I'm home, I want to be comfy.. I am uncomfortable with clothes on at home. Yes my guilty pleasure is Housewives but I can only take so much .. I love to workout, and eat, and live a healthy lifestyle. Im always trying new recipes, I am really into cooking all my own food, or going out to farm to table restaurants. I'm not much of a club person, more a beach, and nice dinner kind of night.

RLB : What would Riley Steele be doing if she was not ruling the world of porno?

RS : Hmmm .. the top Victoria's Secret Angel, or a successful fitness model/instructor, or .. or a Real Housewife of Orange County. ;P

RLB : Well, I do suppose I am out of questions. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans, or is there anything that you'd like to plug? Or can you tell us about any upcoming movies that you have coming out soon?

RS : Axel Braun's SPECS APPEAL - coming soon.  Make sure you follow my twitter @xxxriley and snapchat : ohsnapxriley .

RLB : Thank you so much Riley for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview, it's appreciated!

RS : Thank you !! And thank you for your patience. :)

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