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September 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Japanese Wife Next Door

Who really needs Desperate Housewives when you have The Japanese Wife Next Door? Yes, that's the title of Yutaka "Mr. Pink" Ikejima's deliriously entertaining Pink film starring voluptuous minx, Reiko Yamaguchi. To call this film an absolutely manic sexually-charged erotic love story would be an understatement. Sit down, grab your super absorbent growl towel and get ready for some Reiko!

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Takashi (Naohiro Hirakawa) is a very successful business man living in Tokyo. He's got money, brains and a very caring family. The only thing he's missing is a good lady to share his life with. Enter Sakura (Reiko Yamaguchi, a sexy, spunky gal with all the charms to nab any man she pleases. She sets her sights on Takashi and not soon after a meeting in a restaurant she's sucking and titty fucking Takashi's member. Sakura believes the best way to a man's heart isn't good cooking - it's a good titty bang. Now it's time to meet the family to show them how wonderful Sakura is. Grandpa and dad fall as fast for Sakura as Takashi do but sis has reservations on the cutey. Sakura proves to have her own unique way of persuasion.

When Takashi's libido goes into hibernation Sakura high sex-drive becomes a problem. The girl needs her penis! Leave it too grandpa's dormant soft-serve to rise from the dead to form a coke and penetrate the eager lady bits of Sakura. Why doesn’t dad join? He does. How about Takashi’s timid sis? Yup, even his sister’s clam gets rattled by the insatiable Sakura. Whew!

The Japanese Wife Next Door looks very good transferred from original 35mm elements. English subtitles are included for both the film and the extra features as everything is in its original Japanese language. The translation to English is solid and very readable.

Pink Eiga has packed the DVD with numerous goodies. There's an interview with star Reiko Yamaguchi where she talks a little about the feature and how she went from doing a few hundred hardcore pornos to doing Pink. Reiko also joins director Ikejima for a very lively video audio commentary played simultaneously with the feature. Yutaka talks plenty film, Pink history and even manages to oggle Reiko's impressive chest a few times. We also get a few other promo items and a lengthy Pink Eiga trailer reel.

The Japanese Wife Next Door is a masterwork of asian filth and easily one of the best Pink films you will ever see. Highly Reccomended!

Please be sure to head on over to the Pink Eiga site for more on The Japanese Wife Next Door and other releases.

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