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September 27, 2012

Movie Review: Black Devil Doll (2007)

It seems that two of the biggest things in the horror genre that folks have the fears of are clowns and killer dolls. My favorite killer doll flick is easily Richard Attenborough's Magic which had Fats The Dummy -  a creepy motherfucker without a doubt. The creators of the 2007 killer doll/blaxploitation Black Devil Doll flick are obvious fans of this sub-genre - except these filmmakers play it for laughs and gross-outs to a level even jaded viewers will shake their head at.

Jonathan Lewis and Shawn Lewis (Blackest Heart Media, Rotten Cotten) direct and write this homage to the exceptionally bad killer doll film, Black Devil Doll from Hell. Here the doll is cursed by a recently executed convict who uses this new vessel, a wooden ventriloquist doll, as his way to suck souls out of a group of very naked bodacious babes.

Black Devil Doll really looks like the set of a Jim Wynorski film; there are so many titties on display. Kudos to the Lewis' for corralling some of the massive jugs you get to see throughout the running time. Sure it looks like a porn film much of the time but that takes nothing away from the entertainment value.

The Black Devil Doll starts to do his thing once his girlfriend, Heather (Heather Murphy) invites the girls over to sunbathe, shower, lay in bed naked and well.. all those things that horny fellows like to see in an exploitation movie. One by one the doll kills the girls in gruesome fashion.

A running gag that I totally dug in the movie was when Natasha (Natasha Talons) takes a shower for what seems to be the running time of the movie. The Lewis brothers kept going to this, which was just fine with me. This girl, boob-wise was the alpha titty of the bunch. Her implants were screaming to bust from her chest. I’d venture to say that if even Russ Meyer saw this chick, even his tit-loving rod would run out skin.

Black Devil Doll is crazy, rude, politically incorrect, filled with blood, diarrhea and very welcome nudity, so if that's what you like (and I do!), you'll have a great time with this cheap little gem. Recommended.

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