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September 28, 2012

Movie Review: Father's Day (2011, Troma)

Directed by Adam Brooks

Starring Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy and Conor Sweeny

Being a fan of Troma flicks for over 25 years now, one thing I have learned to live with is the fact that I will inevitably have to wade through twenty horrible films by them before I find that one gem. (And that's being generous) In other words, being a Troma fan is like having a heroin-addicted best friend, one I can pretty much always count on to steal from me and break my heart over and over again.....and yet I just never seem to have the heart to kick to the curb.Now with that being said, I highly recommend you drop what your doing, go out and get your hands on Troma's Father's Day. To say this movie is fun is an understatement, to say its fucked up and completely inappropriate on about a hundred different levels is pretty accurate. To say its a Troma movie is almost beyond belief.

The story revolves around mythical rapist-serial killer, Chris Fuchman (pronounced Chris Fuckman and played by Mackenzie Murdock) a mad-man who has been running amok for decades, raping and dismembering fathers, earning himself the nick-name, The Father's Day Killer. In pursuit of him are Ahab(Adam Brooks), a man obsessed with exacting revenge for the murder of his dad, John, the eager priest, (Matthew Kennedy), and Twink (Conor Sweeney), the street hustler who's father was also raped and butchered, and for who's death he is being accused.

As the body-count rises and our hero's finally close in on the killer, a dark secret is revealed in his death. Chris Fuchman isn't a man at all, but a demon who after being killed was not destroyed but merely sent back to hell where he will eventually gain strength and rise again to terrorize the world. In a desperate attempt to stop this from happening, Ahab, the priest and Twink make a suicide pact, hoping to be sent straight to hell where they will have one last chance at stopping Fuchman once and for all. After all three shoot themselves in the face with a pistol, Ahab and Twink arrive in hell as expected but it seems the priest still manages to land in heaven. In a panic, he takes an angel hostage and shoots him in the head in the presence of God. And although not too pissed about the situation, God relents and sends the priest to hell(and just in the nick of time to help his friends battle the demon Fuchman).

Before the beginning credits even roll the audience is treated to the graphic scene of a middle-aged white guy being brutally sodomized and then having his genitals feasted on by the hungry, deranged killer. And the madness continues,unrelenting throughout the film. But what sets Fathers Day apart from rest is the amazingly hilarious script. The dead-pan humor had me in tears through most of the movie and it really was a treat watching the actors ham it up. I honestly cant remember the last time I had this much fun watching a horror movie. It almost plays out like a lampoon of every horror genre out there, a little bit grindhouse, a little bit slasher, and a whole lot o' torture-porn (with plenty of incest, cannibalism and gay anal-rape thrown in for good measure).

Father's Day truly delivers the goods, it shocks, it disgusts and it will have you laughing your ass off throughout. This is a grand achievement for Troma, and it appears Lloyd Kaufman and company are finally ready to step it up and play with the big boys.

8 out of 10

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