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September 5, 2012

Movie Review: Uninvited (1988, Greydon Clark)

Greydon Clark's exploitation resume to many (including this fan) is quite exceptional. A few favorites of mine from the genre director include Black Shampoo, Without Warning and a movie where my pre-pubescent eyes saw his first pair of titties, Joysticks. Clark also helmed one of the only good killer cat flicks with the 1988 schlock-fest Uninvited that's available now from Cheezy Flicks Entertainment.

Not to be confused with the classic The Uninvited starring Ray Milland, this Z-grade piece of genius involves a mutant kitty who after killing a group of scientists at a lab flees for the comfort of a mobster's yacht. The mobster and his goons (including the great George Kennedy) battle the feline monster so it doesn't make Fancy Feast out of the lot.

The gore is actually not bad in this one, as our creature kills pretty easily with the assistance of a little cretin that jumps out of his mouth. The acting is pretty much an on purpose camp-fest, but that makes it a whole hell of a lot of fun. Cheezy Flicks has just released Uninvited in what looks to be uncut form. The transfer isn't so hot, as it appears to be from a VHS or tape master, so don't expect pristine quality.

The price is right on this one and its way more entertaining than it should be. If you like fun crap that doesn’t take itself seriously and has Clu Gulager, give this a shot.

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