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September 6, 2012

Movie Review: Disco Exorcist (2011)

For genre companies, finding good quality independedent horror flicks isn’t always the easiest thing to pull off in such a demanding DVD market. Wild Eye Releasing has been an exception with some of their truly unpredictable choices of movies. More often than not they put out some entertaining stuff and it looks like it’s going to continue especially with the recent release of Richard Griffin’s insane Disco Exorcist.
Disco Exorcist is about a young man named Rex Romanski (Mike Reed), a 70’s swinger that does what many horny guys do, use women like toilet paper. Rex has unfortunately fucked with the wrong woman and this particular lady (Sarah Nicklin) is doing a little more than keying his car or having her brother kick his ass, she’s using voodoo and casting spells on those around Rex.
Rex is forced to go to his priest brother and ask him (in front of his very conservative family) for a little help exorcising some demons. Before he comes to the rescue though, some free-loving folks meet some very gory demises. The gore is of the splat stick variety but it doesn’t take away the disturbing quality of any of it. Strong stomachs are mandatory. The good thing is though any vomiting will be trumped by the laughter you’ll experience.
Did I mention there’s a ton of sex in Disco Exorcist? Griffin does not skimp in that department as there is a ton of soft-core screwing to compliment the splashy gore; making this movie a perfect love letter to the great exploitation films of the 70’s. The look of the sets, even down to the casting which also helps quite a bit in duplicating the feel of the decade. Griffin does it a hell of a lot better than even Tarantino.
Wild Eye has not shortchanged viewers with a barebones release, as always we get a very amusing commentary with the creators and stars, trailers and even a deleted that’ll give viewers a glance at some bonus nudity. Griffin’s a seriously talented guy which makes me really wanna check out another film of his that I have in my review queue called Atomic Brain Invasion.
Disco Exorcist is a real winner for Wild Eye and I think one of their top titles. Buy it! Highly Recommended.

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