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September 1, 2012

Movie Review: Piranha DD (2012, Dimension Films)

Directed by John Gulager

Starring Danielle Panabaker, David Hasselhoff and Matt Bush

Run Time: 82 min.

With the success of the 2010 Piranha re-make, you knew it had to happen, and it did. Piranha DD is upon us. This time the feisty and ferocious little critters are reproducing in a Small Arizona lake which sits directly behind a newly redesigned, state-of-the-art adult water park. With the help of a crooked cop (who appears to be about 16 years old), the shady park owner Chet (played by the awesome David Koechner), decides to save a few bucks by pumping the lakes water supply directly into the park. Which of coarse is a very bad idea, as the hungry fishies quickly make their way into the tranquil kiddie-pools, river rides and water slides.....with very gory results. Helping to bolster the story and add comic relief are cameos by Christopher Lloyd, Clu Gulager, Ving Rhames and Gary Busey.

I know this film has been panned by pretty much everybody, but my question to them is, Exactly what the heck were you expecting this time around? A better plot? Improved script and acting? Yeah come on, if you saw the 2010 movie then you know exactly what your getting with DD. Plenty of frolicking topless college girls, sophomoric humor, a boat-load of gore and some slightly above-average CGI effects. The film makers followed their own blueprint with this sequel pretty much to the letter, so I am not really sure why it failed to succeed at the box-office, unlike its predecessor. All the cameo performers did a great job, with Ving Rhames having a great scene where he returns to the park in a wheelchair, having lost his legs to the piranha in the first film. He is there trying to overcome his fear of the water and ends up saving some swimmers with the help of a shotgun mounted on his prosthetic leg. The Hoff actually had a pretty prominent role here too, playing himself and seeming to have a good time poking fun at his own waning stardom. Gary Busey was also great and I wish they would have given him a more prominent role then the one he had.

Personally, I had fun with this movie. It delivered everything I was expecting it would. The run time is listed at 82 minutes but the feature itself is only about 70 minutes, with the remainder of the time being bloopers and some little snippets of The Hoff singing and being his awesome self between credits. I have no issues with the relatively short length of the movie, I am glad they didn't try to pad it out with that extra 20 minutes of retarded dialog that a lot of films do, trying to reach that 80-90 minute mark. The laughs and gore came pretty rapid-fire and I never felt like I was having to wait for something cool to happen. The comedy aspect of DD is actually more over-the-top then the first film, as apparently the piranha have now learned to invade the female hoohaa, swimming around in one girls baby-maker until it decides to exit while she’s in the middle of getting her cherry popped.....hilarity ensues. Good fun right there, kids. And watching a lifeguard get a live, chomping piranha pulled out of his ass by his buddy is just plain funny, I don't care who you are. If all your looking for is some mindless fun then DD is gonna give you exactly what you want. It's toilet-humor smothered in blood with a cherry on top in the shape of David Hasselhoff. 


*Feature Commentary
*Deleted Scenes
*The Story Behind The DD
*The Hofftastic World of David Hasselhoff
*Busey’s Bloopers
*Wet and Wild with David Koechner
*”A Lesson With John McEnroe” A dimension Short Film

I score it a respectable 7 out of 10
Reviewed by KennyB

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