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November 12, 2010

Score (DVD, Cult Epics)

For an unknown reason, I've been urging to see "Score" since the awesome erotic/cult label Cult Epics announced it. Was it because the film is hailed as an erotic classic? Is it because Radley Metzger (a filmmaker known for erotica fare) directed it? Possibly because Lynn Lowry and Claire Wilbur are nude 95% of the run time? I'm sure all three aforementioned reasons and more contributed to my strong desire to view this film. Well, I've finally watched it. Does it live up to it's classic moniker? Dig on my review below!

Buy Score (Uncut & Uncensored) on DVD!

I'll let the plot synopsis give the gist of the film. "Liberated 70's couple seduce couple into experimentation with bisexuality and group sex". Said "liberated" couple are Elvira (strikingly beautiful Claire Wilbur) and Jack (Gerald Grant). The couple they seduce are Betsy (played innocently pure by Lynn Lowry) and Eddie (Calvin Culver). Experimenting with bisexuality and group sex certainly ensue. Radley Metzger is known for his softcore erotic films. Before "Score", Metzger had already made a name for himself in the genre. He directed the critically acclaimed "Camille 2000" in 1969 and followed that with 1970's psychedelic "The Lickerish Quartet". "Score" would simply increase the reputation of an already well established resume. Radley would ultimately make the transition to hardcore films under the pseudonym Henry Paris , as seen in Maraschino Cherry. "Score" is softcore but this new "Uncensored" DVD offers up some hardcore scenes, never before available until now.

Aforementioned characters Elvira and Jack are happily married. They live together in a nice luxurious villa in a beautiful town. They are also, swingers. Elvira and Jack make a bet to seduce the newlywed Betsy and Jack. Elvira gets Betsy and Jack gets Eddie. They invite them over for dinner and the night of pleasure begins. In order to accomplish bedding Betsy and Jack, various acts take place. A lot of pot smoking shared amongst the group and dress up scene with each person depicting what they wanted to be when younger. This leads to the swinging couple getting the person they wanted alone till dawn. The erotica really kicks in the last half of the film. Scenes with Elvira and Betsy are gently shot, with nothing too explicit (only T&A). However, the scenes with Jack and Eddie are what makes this DVD "Uncensored". Turns out Eddie is a closet homosexual and Jack brings it out of him. To be blunt, a suckfest occurs. 69, blowjob, handjob are all hardcore shots performed by the actual actors. It's not done in vulgar taste, Metzger is just showcasing both sides of the spectrum. The Playgirl quote that adorns the DVD cover sums it up. "Something for everyone". It truly is.

Cult Epics brings "Score" to DVD for the first time ever Uncut and Uncensored in a solid HD Anamorphic Widescreen transfer.

Extra Features include:

-"New restored HD transfer"
-"Never before released additional Uncensored scenes" (7 mins)
-"On set of Score"- behind the scenes featurette with rare footage of Metzger and actors. (20 mins)
-"Keeping Score"- new interview with Lynn Lowry. Covers filming of "Score", her career and a dispute over highest paid actress with Claire Wilbur. (20 mins)
-"Audio Commentary"- Film historian Michael Bowen and Radley Metzger discuss "Score" and Metzgers filmography. Very interesting with discussion throughout with only some silent parts.
-"Trailers"- Score, Camille 2000, Lickerish Quartet.

I can see why many call "Score" a classic. It did something not many films of the genre did in that era. Metzger successfully combines soft and hardcore erotica to create a memorable film. Recommended fellow Cheesers!


  1. I'm on it! All other versions of this film have been hacked to ribbons!

  2. Thanks for reading Greg, much appreciated!