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November 10, 2010

Movie Review: Scandalous Gilda (1986)

Just recently, one of the original founding partners of euro-cult DVD labels, Mya Communications and No Shame Films created a new DVD company called One 7 Films. One 7 Films and CAV Distribution have joined forces in bringing some truly unique titles for euro-cult fans in the states to enjoy. Coming soon they will be releasing Alien From the Deep, The Sins of Madame Bovary and Chinese Kama Sutra directed by the late-great Joe D’Amato. Their first release however will be Scandalous Gilda, directed by and starring frequent Euro-cult film actor, Gabriele Lavia( Revenge of The Dead, Inferno, Sleepless, Deepred).


Scandalous Gilda follows the erotic exploits of a lovely voyeuristic lady( Monica Guerritore ) who begins a road-trip of sexual discovery after she finds her husband screwing his mistress in the opening sequence. She’s not like other scorned lovers, as she seems to enjoy watching her husband make love to this very busty vixen. Even to the point of drooling! This isn’t just a little drool that spills out of her’s gobs and gobs of saliva. A very odd but interesting start. Soon she begins a journey to get away from the thoughts of her cheating lover. After driving a bit in her car she becomes acquainted with a quirky cartoonist, played by director Gabriele Lavia. He decides to lay on the charm with his talent for animating characters shaped as cocks and balls, who worship a pair of woman’s legs with a talking vagina. This is easily one of the best scenes in the film, as it kind of comes out of left field.

When the outrageous pornographic animation scene concludes, she’s swoon by his affection. The couple find themselves fucking a lot in the movie, just in different areas (Hotel, truck-stop restroom). One of the more perverse scenes in Scandalous Gilda involves our lead actress and a random truck driver fornicating in the back of the truck. It’s perverse because our fun loving cartoonist is standing at the passenger side window throwing money at the trucker while he probes away. Lavia seems to have a love for bodily fluids. Something I did notice quite often in the film is that there are many scenes of sweat drenched bodies and copious amounts of saliva. Theirs even a saliva only anal scene. We get a nice close-up of the goober dripping into the cartoonist hands – then boom, it’s back-door burial time!

One 7 Films debut DVD of Scandalous Gilda’s best asset is the picture quality. It’s excellent, and not something you will usually see off the bat from a new label. Scandalous Gilda is sourced from the original negatives but even that isn’t always going to insure quality video and audio in the final product. This particular transfer is sharp all the way around with its rich flesh-tones and no noticeable wear on the elements. The DVD is anamorphic and has English subtitles that are optional on the Italian track and an English dub option. Before the English dub of Scandalous Gilda starts there is a disclaimer about some bits of English dialogue being missing. The way to watch this film is in its original Italian language but it’s still nice to see an English dub was provided, however the condition. No extras are included on this release.

Scandalous Gilda isn’t going to be confused with some of the more classic examples of European erotica but it’s enjoyable enough for euro-cult connoisseurs to check out. One 7 Films has made a nice debut with this disc, hopefully they continue with the same attention to audio and visual quality that they have with this release.

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