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November 3, 2010

New Horror from Norway? Norway!

Hey gang! Here is an announcement from Apothesis PR about the next great horror thriller out of Norway (home of Dead Snow)... Inside the Whore!

Norwegian film director
Reinert Kiil's follow up to his successfull rape-revenge horror thriller Hora (english title The Whore, now available) is now on the way. Filmed this summer in June/July in Norway, the official website which includes a brandnew trailer and still pictures are now online. It is not for the faint of heart, as the films tagline describes it "A meta-film with meta-violence within a meta-production" and it is easily guarrenteed to be a film like nothing you have ever witness before. The director is at the same time promising a film which beats his last film Hora by milestones when it comes to cruelty.

The title of the film is Inside The Whore and the director plays himself in the movie, supported by a strong cast of actors such as Viktoria Winge (Max Manus, Cold Prey 1+2), Kim Sønderholm (Westbrick Murders, Blood Fare), Jørgen Langhelle, Dagrun Anholt, Isabel Vibe who reprises her role from the original Hora movie and finally Norweigian reality TV star Anette Young.

The movie is expected to hit the world hard in early 2011, for further info on cast and crew, look up

Until then, enjoy the trailer and sneak peaks at - make sure the kids are out of the room!

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