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December 15, 2015

Erotica FM (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 15, 2015

Starring :

Stella Cox
Anissa Kate
Cathy Heaven
Jasmine James
Samantha Bentley
Sienna Day
Subil Arch
Tamara Grace
Ben Kelly
Freddy Fox
Juan Lucho
Marc Rose
Potro Bilbao
Ryan Ryder

Erotica FM: a late-night confession show where callers share their stories over the airwaves with sexy and classy radio host, Miranda (Stella Cox). As Miranda’s listeners recount their tawdry tales live on air, and as they do, their tales of sexual conquests are brought to life.

(Runtime - 3 hr. 10 mins.)

In the film, EROTICA FM, Stella Cox is a DJ for a late night radio show.  In the adult oriented show, the host asks callers to phone in with their most erotic, sexually charged confessions.  As we find out, Stella's show is rather popular, bringing in a number of callers.  On this night, as callers call in and make their sexual confessions, we as viewers are treated to the visuals of each tale, as we see them play out before our eyes.  EROTICA FM, presents to us 5 different scenes featuring a variety of different themes, as well as sexual encounters.  We have a woman who comes on to her boss, a lonely housewife, who longs for sexual satisfaction from her husband, a kinky threesome, a bachelorette who has one last fling before getting married, as well as a radio host who seems to have a sexual appetite that rivals even her most kinkiest of callers.

This, one of the latest releases from DIGITAL PLAYGROUND comes to us from the UK, and is sort of an episodic tale.  An anthology you will.  The film features a wraparound story featuring a DJ and her erotic radio show,  It is a show in which callers call in, and reveal their sex secrets to the show's host, Stella Cox, which combined, relays the stories to us.  Each story is told over the course of 5 separate sex scenes,  However the film itself is told in such a way, in which everything goes together seamlessly,  It's all done fairly well.  I appreciated the way in which the filmmakers chose to present the story.  Instead of having all of the sex scenes run together, one after the next, the segments, are treated, just as they are presented - as individual stories, complete with their own titles.  Each of the 5 individual sex scenes begin with a title, which keep the film nice, and organized as it moves along,  I have noted each of the titles in my sex scene breakdown below.

Another nice thing that I discovered about EROTICA FM, is that it has a few instances of artistic flare, here and there.  While most of the Adult entertainment that I have viewed has been made here in the states, I have seen some Euro porn, and with what I have seen,  there is usually some artistry found within them.  EROTICA FM is no different in this respect, both in storytelling, as well as visually.  While most wouldn't think much of it,(especially since this is "porn") I took note of the fact that most of the sex scenes didn't just end after the cumshot.  Some of the scenes have little additions to them.  Such as the first scene, as we see the lawyer's wife walk in one the sex, only to want some herself.  Or the DJ Stella Cox going out for a smoke break, only to drift off into a sexual daydream involving a Gloryhole.  They are little things that most probably won't appreciate, but I do.  It is these things, as well as the quality of some of the film's sex scenes, that definitely moved EROTICA FM up a notch as the film went along.  In terms of overall plot, the story line is thin, yet is one of those that gets the job done.  The idea of the erotic radio show, and the fact that its listeners provide the stories.  Stories that the DJ cannot see, but we the audience see play out, lends itself perfectly to a porn film.  The story is simple, but fun, not to mention that the sex scenes collectively, aren't that bad.
Honestly, I enjoyed all of the sex scenes, seen in EROTIC FM to an extent.  But in narrowing it down, i'd have to pick 3 of the 5 sex scenes as being the standouts.  The first would be the scene that I felt was best, and that is the scene with Anissa Kate and Subil Arch, as they take on Marc Rose in a threesome.  The action in this scene is fairly hot, and so are the ladies featured in it.  The next best scene would be the film's other threesome as we see the film's star, Stella Cox take on 2 guys; Freddy Fox and Ryan Ryder(yes, "Peter Pan" from PETER PAN XXX).  This scene was great as the two men really gave it to Stella, not only anally, but they double penetrated her as well.  With those scenes talked about, I would also have to include the scene featuring Jasmine James and Juan Lucho as well, if only for James alone.  I liked her performance in the scene, as well as some "other" things about her.  She's pretty stacked
Going into EROTICA FM, I wasn't quite sure what to expect as this doesn't seem to be a DIGITAL PLAYGROUND film that was produced by them "in house".  It appears to be a film that they simply acquired.  All I knew is that on the surface, without seeing it, it seemed a lot like the film from the '80s Hyapatia Lee's TASTY(a film that was very good).  However, as far as similarities go, they end at the radio station.  Whereas TASTY was more a comedy, in which a DJ rallies to get more listeners, EROTICA FM, is more straightforward and is rooted primarily in its sex and what might turn the viewer on.  Overall, it's not a bad film.  In fact it's a lot better than I assumed it would be.

EROTICA FM , is available to view on Digital Playground's website.  Click the following link, to sign up at for a discounted rate!

My score : 6.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Tamara Grace and Ben Kelly
"The Naughty Secretary" - In the first scene, Tamara Grace calls into the show.  She explains that she recently started working as a personal assistant to a successful Lawyer(Ben Kelly), and how she's continuously tried to come onto him.  He initially resisted her advances, but of course, he eventually gives in - which is the scene we see.  After telling her boss what she'd like to do, she and Kelly go at it.  Ben begins by spanking Tamara a few times, while the two of them kiss, and caress.  Tamara takes to her knees to suck off her boss.  She sucks it nice and slow.  This then moves to Tamara bending over the desk, in Which Kelly then slips it in from behind.  Steady pounding ensues.  After, Tamara gives her boss(and us) a little show as she bends over to spread her ass.  Things then go over to a bench, where the two engage in some rough spooning, during which Ben hits it deep and hard.  From here, Tamara sucks the cock a little more, before climbing up on the dick in reverse cowgirl. Tamara rubs her clit, as she bounces and grinds on the cock.  Things then switch to standard cowgirl, where things continue being rather rough.  Cowgirl then goes to doggy, as Tamara bends over, allowing Ben to put his dick in. After Ben hits it for a time in doggy, things then go to missionary, as Tamara spreads, and rubs her pussy, allowing Ben to penetrate fast, and deep.  The action ends when Ben in forced to blow his big load all over Tamara's face, and into her mouth.  And in an unexpected twist, the Boss's wife shows up at the end, and demands that she pleasure her, too.  This ends the scene. - A decent scene, with some semi-rough, hard action.

Scene 2 : Stella Cox and Cathy Heaven and Potro Bilbao
"The Trophy Wife" - The next scene comes when Cathy Heaven sends in an email to explain her situation.  She has a successful husband, who gives her everything she could ever want, except there's a problem - he doesn't spend time with her.  So to rectify the situation, she looks elsewhere.   She chooses to seduce the Gardener Porto, as she often already tease him.  The scene begins with Porto playing with Cathy's pussy, as he rubs her big tits.  However, Cathy wastes no time to suck on his cock. She throats him deep.  The two then take to a couch where Cathy continues to suck to cock, as well as suck his balls. Porto then takes Cathy into doggystyle where he slams the pussy hard.  Next, Cathy says she wants to ride the cock - and that she does.  She rides the cock anally, nice and deep from the reverse cowgirl position.  The anal then continues as Cathy bounces on the cock in the reverse position. From here, the penetration alternates from ass and pussy.  The action then takes to the spoon position, where the ass and pussy fucking continues, nice and hard. Cathy then sucks a little, before Porto continues to pound her in doggy.  This action then leads to Cathy jerking Porto off into her mouth.  A very good scene with some variety, as it has both anal and straight sex,  Cathy is kind of hot, in an exotic way.  The sex scene ends with Stella aroused so much that during her smoke break, she proceeds to get herself off as she imagines herself in a Gloryhole situation.  - A nice scene which ends with a very artistic conclusion to the segment.  It's nicely done.

Scene 3 : Anissa Kate and Subil Arch and Marc Rose
"The Cheating Traveler" - In the third scene. Marc Rose, a caller, calls in with his story.  He travels to the UK on business.  He tells Stella of a time that a guy, which he is a client of(Ryan Ryder) took him out on the town. They end up at a secret night club, where sex happens.  With a few drinks in him, Marc ends up with 2 lovely ladies from the club, (Anissa Kate, and Subil Arch), despite he being married back at home.  It begins with Marc and Subil teasing Anissa's sweet pussy, and then Marc going to work on Subil with his fingers. Subil and Anissa pull out Marc's cock.  Anissa is first to put her mouth around it, but soon the two ladies trade off.  The two then double team him, with one on the cock, the other on the balls.  Marc then takes Anissa into side fuck, as she props her fuck up on the couch, during which Subil tongues and massages Anissa's pussy.  It's then Subil's turn as she bends over and receives the cock in doggy.  After this, Marc then proceeds to fuck the mouths of both ladies, before taking Anissa into reverse, where he hits the hole, until Subil gets the same from Marc.  She rides both steady and hard, before they all take to the floor.  From here, Marc takes Subil from behind, as Anissa takes a seat, to allow Subil to eat her pussy.  Anissa then stays in the chair, where Marc hits it in missionary.  Following this Subil gets it i mission on the floor, as Anissa squats over her face.  Marc then follows this up by taking Anissa from behind, nice and steady, a position that sees Anissa's big natural tits jiggle.  After, Marc proceeds to pop a huge load all over their faces. - A very hot scene, featuring 2 hot ladies.  The action is hot and heavy.

Scene 4 : Jasmine James and Samantha Bentley and Sienna Day and Juan Lucho
"The Horny Hen" - In this scene Jasmine James calls in with a tale of her Bachelorette party(in the UK, it's apparently called a "Hen Party"). First they load up in a limousine and tell sexual tidbits.  For the night, Jasmine's friends look to have some fun.   Jasmine's friends(Samantha Bentley and Sienna Day) allow her to record them as they go at one another while Jasmine watches and masturbates.  Sienna goes down on Samantha, before Samantha returns the favor by finger banging Sienna from behind.  Samantha follows up by straddling Sienna's face.  The action switches as Sienna tongues Samantha's pussy, while Samantha fingers her. After, they arrive at the club, where her friends have ordered her a male stripper(Juan Luco).  From here, Jasmine is the left alone with her man.  And no matter how hard she tries, she just can't resist Juan's cock.  She begins sucking him, both while standing and then as he lie down.  Jasmine then gets on all fours, where Juan hits it from behind. Jasmine's nice full ass bounces against Juan's cock, before Jasmine sucks some, before the two go into spoon.  Here, Juan continues to pound nice and deep into Jasmine's hole.  Jasmine, from here goes to ride him deep in cowgirl.  The position gives emphasis to her nice ass once again.  After wetting the dick with her mouth, Jasmine hops on once again, this time in reverse cowgirl, in which Juan continues to pound hard.  From there it's missionary, where the action is steady before Juan is forced to cum in Jasmine's mouth to end scene. - A decent scene in which Jasmine James totally made worthwhile. Jasmine has nice tits, and a great ass, plus she brought some energy into the scene.
Scene 5 : Stella Cox and Ryan Ryder and Freddy Fox
"After Hours Slut"  - To close her show, Stella Cox leaves the audience with a parting story of her own.  We are then taken to what appears to be the same same sex club as seen in the previous scene, "The Cheating Traveler"  We see Stella and Freddy Fox take to a back room for sex.  They begin by kissing and caressing.  Eventually Freddy whips out his cock, and Stella begins to slurp and suck, before Freddy begins to eat her pussy from behind she inserts her fingers deep.  From here, she hops on to ride in reverse cowgirl.  Up and down she goes as the cock moves in and out of her slit.  In the middle of this, Ryan Ryder makes a surprise appearance, and gets his dick sucked too.  Stella then proceeds to suck and tug both men off. Things then go on to have Ryan put his dick in her ass in Spoon, while she throats Freddy.  From here she is double penetrated as Ryan goes into her pussy, while Freddy puts it into her asshole.  After the DP, Stella lays in spoon where Freddy puts it in her ass, during which she continues to deep throat Ryder.  The men trade places as soon Ryder is in her ass.  After this, Freddy and Stella are left alone, for Stella to climb on top for cowgirl, where Freddy hits it hard and fast for a spell.  After which the guys take turns cumming into her mouth.  First Fox and then Ryder to end the scene. - Another good scene, this one with lots of anal, and even double penetration.

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