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August 10, 2012

TV on Blu-ray Review: Boss - Season One (2011)

Network television has been inconsistent at best over the past 20 years with its output of hard-hitting, truly dramatic TV. Blame it on reality TV, just weak writing or just a lack of backbone to create something that's not cookie cutter. Along with HBO, AMC and other cable stations, Starz has taken the torch with the popular shows Spartacus: Blood and Sand and the recently unleashed political drama starring Kelsey Grammer called Boss.

Newly issued to DVD and Blu-ray via Lionsgate and Starz, Boss is a tale that seems all too real with what goes on in today’s headlines with the influential men and women in various political offices. In what is a huge departure from his character “Frasier”, Kelsey Grammar plays power-hungry Thomas Kane, the fictional mayor of one of the great cities on our planet, Chicago.

Kane’s never afraid to play dirty and imbue more fear than anything in his opponents. What many don’t know is that this “powerful” man isn’t so impervious any kind of struggle. Behind closed doors, and only known by his closest aides he’s battling an incurable disorder that may take his life sooner or later. Kane isn’t going down though, without making enough people miserable.

The first season consists of eight episodes: Listen, Reflex, Swallow, Slip, Remembered, Spit, Stasis and the season finale Choose.

Lions Gate has included some notable extras to check out once you’re done with the series: Episode Commentaries with Boss Executive Producer Farhad Safinia, Director of Photography Kasper Tuxen, and Executive Producer Richard Levine and finally a featurette called The Mayor and His Maker With Kelsey Grammer and Farhad Safinia.

Overall, Boss is as gritty a show that there is on TV. It’s truly uncompromising in it’s display of nasty politics and the dark side of those at the top. The performances are consistent throughout - particularly by Grammer and Connie Nielsen. The upcoming season looks even more intense so if you haven’t yet seen Boss, grab a hold of this release.

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  1. I think that Kelsey Grammer is absolutely fantastic and riveting in Boss. He exudes confidence in this role which is unlike so many of his other projects. I’ve come to discover that I don’t think anyone else can play Tom Kane as well as he does. I’m so excited for the show’s return at the end of the week! I’ve been thinking about buying the show on DVD but I think I’m too cheap. So a Dish co-worker suggested trying Blockbuster @ Home which allows me to get TV shows on DVD sent right to my mailbox. It’s cheap and doesn’t require me to commit to buying. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the show, you definitely should. I think it’s Grammer’s best work to date.