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August 16, 2012

Chupacabra Territory New Film Announcement!

CHUPACABRA TERRITORY is a found footage movie that goes back to the roots of the genre, The Blair Witch Project.

The Chupacabra is real and he’s ready to carve your intestines out next Summer 2013.

Up and coming Hollywood Director Matt McWilliams makes feature film debut with Producers Chris Maltauro, Vito Trabucco (Producers and Director of BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP), Producer Federico Mantellini (ZOMBEX) and Creature FX by George Troester. 

Check out the Chupacabra Territory Teaser at this link:


In 2010 a video went viral on the net. A group of kids were illegally camping in an off limits area in the forests of Emerald Lake in Northern California. The video showed their deaths and the disappearance of the ranger caused by an unidentified entity. The public thought it was a well pulled off prank but investigations lead to believe otherwise. Their bodies were never found.
Just recently an unexplained appearance of mutilated animals around the same area sparked a renewed interest in Emerald Lake. A group of kids decide to document the strange disappearance of campers and make it their mission to prove the presence of the mythic monster known as the Chupacabra.

Shooting late this September the CHUPACABRA TERRITORY team has initiated a campaign through to let you participate in the making of this exciting new project. Add your name by giving a small donation to this movie that has already secured VOD on the biggest cable providers in the Nation and Distribution in the United States and Canada. Support and allow us to deliver to you a movie that will satisfy your appetite for horror found footage!!

For more information please visit the Indiegogo website and the film's website

For Press Inquiries please contact

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