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August 3, 2012




H.G. Lewis’s The Uh-Oh! Show Signed & Bloody

Ultimate Deluxe DVD Super Sets

featuring real H.G. Lewis movie gore!

On August 6th, 2012

CLEARWATER, FL (August 3rd, 2012) – Godfather of Gore HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS is back with his latest masterpiece, The Uh-Oh! Show, and is giving away ACTUAL GORE FROM THE MOVIE. That’s right! Real Herschell Gordon Lewis gore, direct from the set of The Uh-Oh! Show. It’s so authentic you can smell the violence. And it’s a must own for any serious exploitation movie collector.

The gore is part of the H.G. Lewis’ The Uh-Oh! Show Signed & Bloody Ultimate Deluxe DVD Super Set from CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM. The website is giving a set to three lucky winners in honor of the upcoming release.  For your chance to win, simply visit CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM and SIGN UP for the FREE Shock Sheet Newsletter. The three winners will be selected at random and announced at CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM on August 6th, 2012. Only Shock Sheet Newsletter subscribers are eligible to win. You can also sign up at the Cult Movie Mania Facebook page:

The Uh-Oh! Show Signed and Bloody Deluxe DVD Super Set is packed with gory collectible goodies:

·         The Uh-Oh! Show Movie DVD featuring interviews with H.G. Lewis, the producers, and cast including Brooke McCarter (Lost Boys) and King of the B-Movies Joel D. Wynkoop

·         Herschell Gordon Lewis and the Making of The Uh-Oh! Show Documentary DVD – A feature length documentary that puts you behind-the-scenes and on set with the Godfather of Gore, and features interviews with legendary directors JOHN WATERS and JOE DANTE.

·         Exclusive Uh-Oh! Show Movie Buttons Collector’s Set      

·         Exclusive Uh-Oh! Show Set of 5 Lobby Cards

· get the super limited, 6th Uh-Oh! Show lobby card. It’s numbered, SIGNED BY HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, and FEATURES A PIECE OF ACTUAL GORE FROM THE MOVIE!

No wonder it’s H.G. Lewis approved! This amazing set is a must-own for Herschell fans, horror fans, and exploitation movie memorabilia collectors. It is available exclusively through CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM. These are extremely limited. Get it while it lasts!

Subscribers to the SHOCK SHEET NEWSLETTER will receive exclusive and early viewing of CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM original content along with first notice of special cult movie and collectible offers. CULTMOVIEMANIA.COM is more than just another cult movie website. It's a creative explosion designed to warp your brain and bring back the same freak film fever that made the ‘70s and ‘80s so great for cult movie junkies. Anything to spread a newer, screwier strain of cinema insanity! Let’s get weird!

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