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August 13, 2012

Movie Review: Hijacked (2012)

Directed by Brandon Nutt
Starring Dominic Purcell, Vinnie Johnson and Randy Couture

Special Agent Paul Ross (Randy Couture) seems to have his hands full, as he is simultaneously investigating some big-shot corporate bad guys while trying to reunite with his ex fiance Liesel, (Ashley Cusato). Things get dicey when she is hired by one of the kingpins he is investigating. Somehow they both end up on the crime lords private jet which is soon taken over by hijackers demanding a billion dollars, while in mid-flight. Its then up to Randy Couture, uhh....I mean Paul Ross, to save his fiance, save the hostages, and save the day.......and I’ll give you one guess how it all turns out.

I'm not going to say this was a complete bomb, but it did suffer from some pretty glaring deficiencies. First off, I'm a huge Randy Couture fan (as a fighter), as an actor new to the craft he’s still quite raw, and that was pretty evident here. They kept his lines down to a minimum, which was a smart idea, but he still looked a bit mechanical in his delivery. With that being said though, his fight scenes were actually pretty good, so I'm still holding out hope that he will get some more opportunities to improve because he does have great presence on the screen.

As for the rest of the cast, they all did just enough to get by. No one had a performance that stood out and Iam going to blame that on the sub-par script. All the lines were predictable and cliche. And I guess in a nut shell thats how one could sum this movie up, its just another plane hijacking action film that doesnt do anything to separate itself from the pack in any way.

The most glaring issue with this one was the fact that the bad guys just did the most illogical shit, and Iam sorry, but if you have guys firing off dozens of rounds of ammunition on a plane at high altitude its going to have negative consequences. But not here, apparently this plane is completely bullet-proof. And why would the hijackers kill two random people on the plane who are naked and unarmed but allow the two bad-ass’s on the plane to survive and eventually wipe them out, and not only that but entrust another hostage to tie them up? was a bit frustrating, Iam not gonna lie.
All that aside, it was pretty cool seeing Couture star in a feature film. Having a leading man with a busted up nose and enormous cauliflower ear is totally boss in my book. I guess if your a Couture fan this is one you might want to check out, but as far as action films go, its a little below average at best.

4.5 out of 10   

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