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August 16, 2012

Movie Review: Fightville (2011)

Mixed Martial Arts has taken an amazing leap since it really became the most popular fighting sport, even making boxing and “professional” wrestling. It’s changed a bit over the years becoming a little more humane but even with that said the sport has put a Guillotine choke-hold on the two mentioned athletic events.

Michael Tucker has taken the allure of this sport that seems to permeate so many young men by following two young fighters, Dustin Poirer and Albert Stainback while they grind it out in the lower ranks off MMA in Louisiana. Both are interesting character’s, Poirer is almost a quiet psycho who when fight time comes completely lets loose in the octagon like a rabid pit bull. Stainback isn’t quite as talented as Poirer, but his mouth is plenty bigger as we get see him run it plenty in between matches and grueling practices.

Seeing how these guys come from such a humble background and given that they really think they will be in the top ranks of the MMA is no doubt interesting considering the fact that even if they are so lucky to make it, their shelf life far from encouraging. Poirer does show promise though. At one point he completely dismantles a cocky Brazilian fighter in less than a minute. This is no doubt one of the better scenes in Fightville.

The Blu-rays looks solid and sounds great. It’s not really something that needs any extra help in that department being a gritty documentary. Fightville is an enjoyable documentary that should viewed by any fan of MMA or documentaries that don’t “hold any punches”. Recommended.

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