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December 22, 2015

THE KEY (Wicked Pictures - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 22, 2015

Starring :

Gigi Allens
Olivia Austin
Chanel Preston
Mercedes Carrera
Morgan Lee
Steven St. Croix
Brad Armstrong
Derrick Pierce
Eric Masterson

Four women are given the opportunity to unlock their passion and sexuality. Sexy Gigi Allens offers her friends (Olivia Austin, Mercedes Carrera, Morgan Lee, and Chanel Preston) a key to the ultimate getaway. It's here that they explore and unleash their innermost carnal desires. The result? A heart-stopping, sheet-clenching, sexual inferno!
(Runtime - 1 hr. 51 mins.)


THE KEY, one of the latest films from Writer/Director David Lord, and WICKED PICTURES, presents itself to us, as four lovely ladies are presented themselves, with an opportunity that promises to be "once  in a lifetime"

In the film, four women, "Rebecca"(Chanel Preston"), "Sally"(Mercedes Carrera), "Lisa"(Olivia Austin) and "Michelle"(Morgan Lee), all receive the same mysterious invitation from an anonymous sender.  The invitation includes both an address and a key, with particular instructions to show up at the said address on Saturday, September 14th.  From there, we see the ladies arrive at a lavish mansion in the hills, with no clue as to why they are there.  However as they make their way inside, they are soon greeted by "Gigi"(Gigi Allens), a friend the group has not seen in 5 years.  Gigi goes on to state that the 4 of them were chosen by her, as she has given them all a key to the luxurious house in which they now stand.  She then goes on to explain the luxuries of the house.  Luxuries that they now would have access to, whenever they please.  The house includes a Kitchen with a bar area, a private gym, a pool and Jacuzzi, and even access to massages and facials, it's a woman's perfect getaway. And in addition, after 6 months of having their key, however, Gigi informs them that then, one of them will by chosen by her to host another round of girls. It's a reoccurring process.  But with that said, it is just the type of escape our four women need, because although they all lead different lives, they all are suffering from similar life hang ups.  First, Rebecca is a business woman, and the wife of a filmmaker.  Sally has an office job as an agent for a film company. Lisa is married, but discouraged by a husband who doesn't spend time with her.  And lastly there is Michelle, whom feels as though she isn't doing much with her life.  She wants some adventure.  Noting their issues, Gigi assures them that the private spot would be their remedy.  As the film moves along, the girls experience what the house has to offer at various times, some more than others, but each of the women have one thing in common, that the experience makes improvements within their lives.  And in some cases the whole experience turns out to be a life lesson, as some come to realize that all that they need in life has been right there all along.

Prior to going into the film, I knew little about it.  All that I knew is that a title such as THE KEY sounded a bit ominous to me, and was cool. And in reading the synopsis for it, I felt that the film had much potential.  Hmm, a private getaway house that is sort of owned and operated by some kind of secret club?  It sounded cool.  Like a place where women could go let loose, and let their freakiest of desires to come alive.  Well, I thought that, that was what I would see in this film.  And although it does seem to happen sometimes, the house in question, isn't always the focal point of the film's sexual on goings.  In fact, many of the film's sexual encounters happen outside of the house, which is at the center of THE KEY's plot.  It is only later that the ladies in our story relate their new found happiness(and subsequent sex), to their getaways on occasion at the house.  As a story, the film's plot doesn't exactly flow well, as it doesn't all make sense.  Why build up the mysterious air about this luxurious house, only to have the women experience their full life "reawakening" outside of it?  For at least 2 of the film's 4 main characters, who find love outside of the house with their spouses, the outcome may make sense, but the other 2("Sally" and "Michelle") are basically left in cinematic limbo in the end(especially Michelle), giving THE KEY a real feeling of incompleteness in terms of its story.  As a plotted story, it's overall idea is so under-utilized, that overall the end result is that it's an after thought, as the whole idea of the ladies getting the 4 individual  keys and coming to the house in the first place is essentially for nothing, as the house itself doesn't portray a big enough part in the film.  However, with that said, the film itself is still pretty decent, as it is still able to retain it's overall message in the end.  In that, for some, they don't always have to leave home to find love and happiness.  It's a nice little film, that looks nice, features some good sex, with a happy message in its conclusion.  But as I said, plot wise THE KEY doesn't exactly fit.  There just seems to be 2 different plot ideas going on at once here.  While the end result is sweet, and that's well and good, I would have liked to have, instead seen some suspense, and I story that saw the mansion bring out the kinky side of our 4 ladies.  A house of sin if you will.

And in talking about the sex THE KEY features 5 scenes, all of which are good, and are well photographed by Barrett Blade.  Out of the 5 scenes, I must admit that I was most stoked about the 2 scenes feature Olivia Austin.  Man, I love her, and personally, I feel that she is a star.  Currently a contestant on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's reality competition, DP STAR, she is my favorite.  Both classy and glamorous, her scenes are always hot(at least to me they are). The scenes featured here, are no exception.  She first has a hot girl/girl scene with Gigi Allens(great name by the way!), and then a hot scene with the always great, Steven St. Croix.  But with my crushing on Miss Austin out of the way, I must say that I loved all of the ladies in the film, in seeing both Morgan Lee and Mercedes Carrera for the first time here was a treat, as was seeing the always lovely Chanel Preston.  The cast bring some entertainment to the film, especially when it comes to the sex.

To bring things to a close.  As a plot driven film, I just didn't think that THE KEY came together all that well.  But aside from that, there were things that I did like about it.  It looks good, the girls are hot, as is the sex.  All good things.  I certainly hope that Mr. Lord won't be too mad at me for this one, as this review is still fair in my opinion.  I really like his work, and there will be more review to come in the future!

THE KEY is available on DVD, and as well as to view on the WICKED PICTURES website.  You may sign up at this link for a special discounted rate.

My score :

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Gigi Allens and Olivia Austin
While the other ladies go back home, "Lisa"(Ollvia Austin) decides to stay, because she and "Gigi"(Gigi Allens) have some "unfinished business", as she calls it.  The 2 of them waste no time getting to it, as the two begin to passionately.  Olivia lifts up her dress to reveal her nice backside.  It's an ass that Gigi wastes no time in getting her hands on.  The two ladies begin to rub each others pussies, before Olivia focuses on Gigi.  On all fours, Gigi wants Olivia to put her fingers inside her.  And she does.  From here, Olivia plays with Gigi's pussy, while tonguing her ass.  Next up, Olivia lies back on the couch, this is where Gigi goes in at her pussy.  As she plunges her fingers inside of Olivia, she moves her tongue slowly along her clit. The finger action continues as Olivia seems to cum, in which Gigi follows up, by sucking the juice from Olivia from her fingers.  Gigi kisses and tongues the pussy some more, before Olivia gets on all fours briefly, where Gigi continues the pussy massage.  Olivia then gets a little more comfortable where she sits back and spreads wide.  Things from here get extra hot as Olivia is now wide open. Gigi begins to passionately suck on Olivia's sexy pussy lips. which drives Olivia crazy(me too.).  Then the ladies take to the classic girl/girl scissor position as they bump clits for a brief spell, before  the ladies go on to lie across from each other, as they watch each other finger themselves to climax.  The scene ends with the two of them sucking each other's pussy juice from their fingers.  - A very hot scene to start things.  2 hot ladies being really passionate and full of energy.  This was my first time seeing Gigi in action.  Together, she and Olivia create a very hot pairing.  As I've said, man, I really love Olivia Austin.  There's nothing like seeing a beautiful lady get off!

Scene 2 : Morgan Lee and Derrick Pierce
After receiving a massage from Derrick Pierce, "Michelle"(Morgan Lee), takes him inside for some sex.  Derrick goes to work by sucking on her tits, and rubbing on her pussy.  Morgan then begins to suck Derrick deep as he sits back on the couch, during which, she continues to finger away at herself, before Derrick takes over.  Derrick then goes to eat in missionary.  Derrick continues to tongue and finger. Then, the petite Morgan takes to ride fast in cowgirl.  After riding for a bit, Derrick really begins to hammer it home. Derrick continues to do the same in spoon, which the action then transitions to.  Derrick slams her love hole hard with his cock.  The action is hard and fast, before Derrick is forced to let lose in Morgan's mouth. - A pretty good scene.  Morgan Lee is sure a cute little thing, full of energy and personality.  I like her.

Scene 3 : Mercedes Carrera and Eric Masterson
In the next scene, We find "Sally(Mercedes Carrera), who encourages a co-worker, "Bill"(Eric Masterson) to cut loose a little and not be so stressed.  Of course, by "cut loose" she means to relieve to tension by fucking!  And that is sure enough, what follows!  Mercedes quickly takes to her padded office chair, where Eric embeds a finger into her pussy, as he licks and sucks Mercedes' clit. This is before she returns the favor on him.  He sits back and she goes to work on his cock.  From here, she sucks, slurps throats and tongues Eric's cock.  After this, Mercedes then hops on in reverse cowgirl to ride.  Most of the ride is hard and fast, before slowing down, as Mercedes grinds on the cock. The action then switches, as things switch to cowgirl.  This position gives us a view of Mercedes' nice, big ass, as it bounces.  From cowgirl comes missionary, where Masterson continues to ram it in at a nice pace.  Things steadily continue, before Eric must explode.  Eric releases a big load on to Mercedes' stomach to end scene. - Another good scene, with a nice finish.  Mercedes' ass in the the cowgirl position is truly the standout visual.

Scene 4 : Olivia Austin and Steven St. Croix
After working out their problems, "Lisa"(Olivia Austin) and her husband(Steven St. Croix), make it all good with some sex.  First, Olivia lies back in the bed, letting Steven take control of her pussy.  He goes in for some mouth play on the pussy, as he sucks and tongues at it.  From there, Olivia goes on to throat Steven's cock, also sucking and sucking, adding plenty of spit to make it nasty,  From the blowjob, comes some cowgirl, where Olivia straddles the cock.  In this position, as the cock moves in and out, Olivia rides nice and slow. before eventually taking charge at a faster pace.  Cowgirl then switches to reverse, where the view gives us a nice clean view of Olivia's fantastic pussy, as Steven goes deep inside.  The action continues, as Olivia rides up and down.  Reverse cowgirl then moves to spoon,  It is in spoon, that Steven hits the pussy nice and hard.  The hot action continues before Steven must pull out, as he explodes with cum all over Olivia's pussy.  - This was a very good scene.  The scene started off slow, only to get hotter as it progressed.  As a fan of Olivia, it is the type of scene that I wanted to see.  While her girl/girl scene was pretty hot as well, I wanted to see this beauty get pounded, and this scene delivers that.

Scene 5 : Chanel Preston and Brad Armstrong
In the final sex scene, we see "Rebecca" finding her husband, "Brad"(Brad Armstrong) at the secret house with "Sally"(Mercedes Carrera), where a big scene almost goes down.  Luckily for them however, they are able to patch things up and go home, where they soon engage in sex on the couch(a couch which they break in the process!).  Brad is quick to un-pants Chanel, and tongue at her pussy.   He jams a pair of fingers into her hole as he tongues, the action goes from Chanel sucking and Brad fucking her face.  Preston continues to slurp Brad's cock, while rubbing her clit.  After this, Brad returns the favor, by giving Chanel some dick in missionary.  Brad from here continues to fuck her at a steady pace.  Missionary then turns to reverse cowgirl, where Chanel rides the dick for a time, before the position naturally reverses.  It is in standard cowgirl that the pace really picks up, as Chanel straddles the cock, and rides it deep - from the position, Chanel's ass looks amazing,  Brad fucks her hard as her ass bounces, and she continues to grind on his cock.  They then movie into doggy where brad hits it nice and deep. - this was another good scene with some hard action.  Also enjoyed the fact that the 2 performers stayed in character the whole time.  It was fun.

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