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December 11, 2015

Secret Spa (Adam & Eve Pictures - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 11, 2015

Starring :

Aidra Fox
Penny Pax
Shay Fox
Misty Stone
Miko Day
Dillion Harper
Ryan McLane
Jay Smooth
Steven Lucas
Bradley Remington
Chad White

When the rich and beautiful look to fulfill their sexual fantasies, they head to Malibu Sunrise Resort, where discretion is guaranteed and the staff is devoted to your pleasure. Do you desire an interracial romp, threesome, lesbian love, or some playful S&M? Whatever you crave, Secret Spa is the perfect place to get the release your body needs, and where facials are always on the house!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 28 mins.)


In the film SECRET SPA from ADAM & EVE and Director Jay Allan, the plot centers around the titular spa in Malibu.  That spa, is the Malibu Sunrise Resort, and it is only open for the elite and wealthy,  The Malibu Sunrise Resort, which is overseen by a character played by Chanel Preston, opens its doors only once every summer, offering its prominent clietelle an abundance of pampering, as well as any sexual desire that they may so crave.  It's a getaway, that only those only "in the know", know about.  The film opens as summer is upon us, and as a result, a few lucky clients have showed up, including; movie company executive, Jenny Clark, singer Heather Sage, and fashion designer, Kelly Jones.  And making her first trip to the secret resort this year, is also Lori Miller. Each of the ladies are looking to explore sexually during their stay at the resort.  Sexual acts such as; Interracial, group sex, girl/girl and BDSM.  The film goes on to essentially give the viewer a "peek behind the curtain", as these clients dive into their curiosity at full throttle, at this all-exclusive resort.

Plot wise, the setup of SECRET SPA is simple and to the point.  Chanel Preston(whose character I don't believe was ever named), runs a deluxe, exclusive spa, that opens only once a year, and is only for high profile clients such as; Actors/Actresses, Rockstars and powerful CEOs.  The idea is that these clients come to this secret spot to get away for awhile, and disconnect from their prominent positions in life, and are treated to anything their hearts desire, yes - even things sexual in nature.  As it turns out, sex, just so happens to be one of the Malibu Sunrise Resort's specialties.  The whole idea behind SECRET SPA is a fun one, as the plot reminds me of one of those pornos that I would occasionally see in the 90s as a teen, released by the likes of VIVID or WICKED PICTURES.  While the plot isn't elaborate, or drawn out, it offers just enough to put interest into the film's sex scenes.  While the film comes right out of the gate with a proposed plot, the film is much more about the sex scenes, and the manner in which they are performed and captured.  Yes, it's true that little plot, in a plot based porn flick, can result in a pretty boring experience a lot of the time.  But sometimes films come our way that are a joy to look at, and are visually stimulating enough to entertain us.  Luckily, Jay Allan's SECRET SPA is one of those films.

First we start out with this fun idea of the spa, but then it comes to the sex, which Jay Allan, also a Photographer, captures quite nicely, I must say.  The sex scenes have genuine energy, and appeal to them, and visually they are stunning to the eye. Nice shot selection, combined with competent editing, make each of the 5 sex scenes a pleasure to watch.  Watching was the easy part.  More difficult is the task of choosing a favorite.  However, if I must, I guess I would say that I enjoyed the group sex scene with Aidra Fox, in which she takes on both Ryan McLane and Jay Smooth, most.  Aidra is really, really hot in the scene.  But with that said, I must give mention to both Misty Stone and Penny Pax, both of whom I always seem to enjoy. Both of those ladies look good and do great things in their respective scenes.
Overall, also it may not end up on many people's radar, I felt that SECRET SPA was a generally fun release, that is kind of reminiscent of the Jenna Jameson starrer, PARADISE from 1997.  It is a film with a fun setup, and a collection of good looking sex scenes.  Give it a shot!

My Score : 7/10

Sex scene breakdown :

Scene 1 : Misty Stone and Bradley Remington
After getting herself off in the Jacuzzi on the night that she arrives at the Malibu Sunrise Resort, singer "Heather Sage"(Misty Stone) is joined by male staff member Bradley Remington for an erotic massage.  Bradley begins with a soft, deep rub down.  After opting to utilize her "full customer benefits", Stone, says she wants a little more from Bradley.  And that is exactly what she gets, when he goes downtown on her, and begins to suck, and lick on her pussy and clit, much to Misty's enjoyment. After Misty follows this up by unzipping Remington to sensually cock his cock.  Bradley teases Misty's pussy prior to putting it in, in spoon, going in and out, nice and slow.  This transitions to Misty climbing on in the cowgirl position.  To begin, she grinds slowly, before picking up the pace.  Misty eventually leans forward in the position, to put emphasis on or nice ass as she bounces. From cowgirl comes doggy, in which Remington steadily pounds Misty's pussy from behind. - A very nice and erotic scene, featuring Misty Stone who I really like.  She brings a great attitude and energy to her scenes, that make them that much more hot.

Scene 2 : Aidra Fox and Ryan McLane and Jay Smooth
In the next scene, after "Lori Miller", is catered to by a male staff member(Ryan Mclane), he gives her a little more than food and beverage, when he begins to tongue on her sweet spot. This is shortly before another male(Jay Smooth) enters the picture, much to Fox's delight.  Ryan continues to eat, as Fox sucks and strokes on Smooth's cock.  From there we have Aidra go to suck McLane's cock, while Jay pumps her fast from behind.  This moves on to cowgirl, where Aidra bounces on Ryan's cock next.  She then does the same for Jay, except in the reverse  variation.  With her legs spread wide, we see Aidra's nicely trimmed pussy, as Smooth bangs her hard and rough.  As this continues, Fox sucks and strokes off Ryan. Smooth binds her legs together allowing for deeper penetration of Fox's hole, before Ryan takes her from behind.  Like before, Aidra sucks off the other man, as she is being rammed.  After this, the two men finish things, by simultaneously jacking off into Aidra's soft mouth. - This was a really hot scene with lots of sexual energy coming from the performers.  Oh my God, Aidra Fox is so fucking cute - dimples and all.  I had seen her most recently in RIDE OR DIE, but this scene fully displays just how cute she is.  Both sexy and adorable, all in one.  This was an enjoyable scene.

Scene 3 : Shay Fox and Steven Lucas
In the following scene - in Spa Room 5, we join "Tracey Saunders"(Shay Fox), who is giving herself a milk bath.  It's a nice visual, as she rubs.  She is eventually joined by a male of the staff(Steven Lucas). for a nice massage.  Lucas rubs her down, focusing on her more "tender" areas, before fingering her pussy a little.  And of course this leads to sex. Steven first goes down to lick on Shay's pussy, which features a piecing, and nice trimmage.  Shay then goes to suck and slurp on Lucas's cock.  Lucas, then hits it from behind briefly, before Fox climbs on.  In cowgirl, it's a nice and steady riding of the cock.  We are here, treated with a nice closeup on the penetration.  Things then go to missionary, where Lucas thrusts it nice and hard.  This action causes Lucas to bust a huge load all over Shays stomach and chest. - A good scene, that is nicely put together, with a nice finish.

Scene 4 : Dillion Harper and Miko Day
In this scene, after playing racketball, "Jenny Clark"(Dillion Harper finds herself treated to a surprise of the girl kind.  When a female staffer (Miko Dai) tells her, that her husband has ordered her some female company.  The two waste no time getting down to business.  The two begin kissing, before things progress to have Dillion vigorously massage Miko's pussy.  Miko then returns the favor my doing the same, before having her lie on the couch, where she begins to ram her fingers inside of her.  This graduates to Miko spreading on the couch, where Dillion follows suit and fingers and tongues Miko's hole, before Miko eventually goes and does the same before the scene concludes. - A nice scene featuring 2 ladies, who seem to have been into each other.  Dillion is cute, and nicely petite, I like her especially.

Scene 5 : Penny Pax and Chad White
In the last scene, (Penny Pax) wishes to have a go wit male staffer Chad White.  But to her surprise Chad only agrees to come to her room, only id she allows him to do whatever he pleases.  He does, and things start off with Chad caressing Pax's body, before he blindfolds her.  The blindfolded Penny, then puts White's cock in her mouth and begins to suck and slurp. Chad spanks her, and teases her pussy while this is going on.  White eventually goes to munch on Pax's delicious looking snatch, before he position her on the bed on all fours to spank her and tease her pussy some more.  It is also in this position that Penny continues to glide back on White's cock.  After, Penny climbs on, and straddles the cock, putting on display her pretty pussy,  It eventually leads her to lean back, opening up even more.  As she continues to grind and bounces, the camera gives us a nice view of Penny's fat ass as it bouces up and down on the dick.  The position makes the natural change to reverse cowgirl, where Penny opens her legs wide, giving our eyes full access to her love hole.  She rides the dick steadily, before White takes her into missionary for some pounding.  He restrains Penny's legs nice and high as he rams it in.  The action is good and fast, as the scene ends with White popping all over Penny's chest.  - I suppose it should be said that Penny Pax is one of my favorite performers.  She's cute and petite, and has a beautiful pussy that is nice and fat.  I love her, and she seems to love what she does.  Well, that's good, because I love watching her.

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