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December 16, 2015

Movie Review: Starmaker (Wicked Pictures - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 16, 2015

Starring :

Asa Akira
Amia Miley
Courtney Taylor
Jeanie Marie Sullivan
Jessica Drake
Kalina Ryu
Kaylani Lei
Tommy Pistol
Brad Armstrong
Kurt Lockwood

Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong brings you his latest Adult Saga. STARMAKER is full of incredible performances from an A-List ensemble cast, as the viewer is plunged into the over-indulgent, sex-fueled world of Hollywood. In a town where secret deals, casting couches and double-crosses are the norm, nothing is ever as it seems.

(Runtime - 3 hr. 39 mins.)


STARMAKER, one of the latest releases from award winning Writer/Director Brad Armstrong and WICKED PICTURES is a film about the darker side of the ins and outs of Hollywood. From those who are prominent, to those who will do almost anything to get there.

The latter is represented in the film by a pair of individuals, Jeremy Quinn(Tommy Pistol) and Mia Tanaka(Asa Akira), who meet each other by chance one day, while the two were sitting down at a coffee shop.  The opportunist that is Jeremy, who happens to be an aspiring screenwriter, is quick to notice from the script in her hand, that Mia herself is a struggling actress,  Mia, as she goes on to explain hasn't had much success in the business as of yet, with most of her work being as an extra, and type casted bit parts.  From there, Jeremy takes the opportunity to feed her mind a little, promising to cast her in his "upcoming" movie, as well as get her in on some choice auditions.  However, these are all lies, as Quinn really has no real clue, better yet any real connections.  However, the thing is that Mia, is so naive that she believes every word.  This of course leads the two to sleeping together, and somehow, a short time later, Jeremy somehow gets he and Mia into the exclusive house party of famous Producer, Martin Anderson.  Of course, Jeremy doesn't really personally know Martin, yet he pretends to, just long enough to proverbially waive Mia under the Producer's nose.  As it turns out, Martin has a particular liking for Asian girls.  Jeremy is well aware of this, and hopes that he will take the bait.  He does, and he soon offers Mia an audition for a part in one of his latest pictures.  It is just what Jeremy needed, as he is now "in the door" at this point.  Although this very much involves Mia, he sees this as an opportunity to further his writing career(which up until that point, is pretty much non-existent).  From there, Jeremy also continues to use Mia's naivety to his advantage.  He suggests that when she go to the proposed audition, she come on to him, and should Martin give in, there they could catch it all on video.  They could then use said evidence to blackmail the Producer into giving them jobs(of course Mia as an Actress, and Jeremy as a Writer), thus furthering their individual careers.  The initially reluctant Mia eventually gives in, and their plan is set into motion.  All at first, seems to go as planned, but when Martin's wife, Elise catches wind of the fling, as well as the black mail scheme, Martin and Elise(along with their security guy, Curtis) put the pressure on both Jeremy and Mia.  This eventually puts strain on their partnership, forming a wedge between them.  But as Martin and Elise continue to turn Jeremy and Mia against one another, a hurt and distraught Jeremy resorts to actions that turn the situation on its head, as dark secrets are revealed, along with proof that, as long as money and greed are involved, no one can be trusted.

"Wow!....", that was the first thing to go through my mind, when finishing STARMAKER from Writer/Director Brad Armstrong.  A film that truly raises the bar on what Adult Entertainment can be.  So far in my tenure at Cinema Head Cheese, I have stated many times now, that there are now many films that defy what porn films are.  Yes, many think that porn is "trashy" and "depraved", having little to no moral.  But personally, I feel that those people just haven't seen the right films.  They definitely have not seen this film, because if they had, it might change their minds entirely.  WICKED PICTURES calls STARMAKER one of their "Blockbuster" releases and rightfully so.  Everything that STARMAKER is, is absolutely top notch and complete, on just about every level.  The script creates a story that is both deep and dark, as it is full of substance.  The writing also brings to the story, characters, that are as interesting as they are tragic.  Yes, this is an adult film that we are talking about here.  But It's absolutely amazing just how much the audience cares about these characters, and what goes on around them.  The acting here is fantastic by all involved, as the script, and approach gives the performers the necessary space to act out their characters.  While watching the film, I never once thought that they were simply acting out a character in which they were given, but more so just being an extension of themselves.  This makes the film interesting from beginning to end, as it, and its characters progress in a manner that really "hook" us.  The film succeed in essentially kidnapping my attention for its entire duration, as I attempted to figure it all out.  "What will happen?", I asked myself throughout.  It is a question that I would have until the end, as the film does a great job of giving no indication of where it would end up.  And where it leads is to a shock of an ending.  One that I believe most will not see coming.  I must say that I came out of STARMAKER surprised, but very pleased.  Definite kudos should be given here to Armstrong when to comes to the film's script.  Seeing as this is a "porn film", he could have rushed this film, just as many others have and continue to do, but instead, here, Armstrong crafts a solid tale, which perfectly capitalizes on the idea of a darker side of Hollywood, as he uses greed and deception as the ideal catalysts.  I enjoyed every minute of watching the dark and unpredictable story play out.

To focus primarily acting for a bit, I must say that everyone was on point here...on their "A game", as they say.  Who says porn actors can't act?  Certainly not me, because I have had the pleasure of seeing films like this one.  In the film, Tommy Pistol, a guy that we have come to see everywhere these days from being in a variety of porn titles, as well as starring in his own Horror film(THE GRUESOME DEATH OF TOMMY PISTOL), is everywhere, and is often a welcome addition to anything he's in.  STARMAKER is no different.  In fact, here, he carries a good amount of the load(no pun intended), and he is great.  As "Jeremy Quinn", he displays a number of emotions.  Initially, we see him as mild-mannered, but as the film rolls on, a deceptive individual begins to emerge, and lastly, near the end, he has the attributes of being fragile.  An excellent showing from an often cool guy. He brings an excitement and a slight sarcasm that is just fun to watch.  Often by Jeremy's side in the film is Asa Akira as the character, "Mia Tanaka"  The character calls for someone who is determined to succeed as an actress, yet when it comes to the business side of things, she's naive and vulnerable.  Yes, in reality, these are things that Asa is not, yet in character she is able to have us believe enough in the notion.  On the other end are real life partners, Armstrong and Drake, who portray married couple, "Martin and Elise Anderson",  Together on screen they are great, but individually, they're even more effective.  On Wicked's website I read one viewer's comment that said Armstrong is "too old to be in front of the camera".  Well, they're crazy, because even after all these years, Brad is still a very recognizable face in the game, and he still brings a lot to the table, on both sides of the camera.  That one fan, is just one subtracted from many that Armstrong already has.  And as for seems as though I say this in every review in which she is a part of, but I love her.  In STARMAKER, she once again rules, as the film's baddest bitch.  In the film, while she may allow husband Marty to sleep around, she still has a firm grip on his cock.  Believe that.  However, Martin isn't the only one in STARMAKER getting extra play.  No.  That's where Kurt Lockwood, who plays "Curtis" comes into the picture.  Yes, Curtis may be the Anderson's Security guy, but in his free time, he's also Elise's fuck toy.  He's also seemingly very volatile.  Lockwood is really good in his portray of this behavior.  The leads, as well as their supports, as I said, all do well here.  I have nothing bad to say.

As for the sex scenes, I loved them all to be honest.  With a total of 9 sex scenes(and a film that comes out to 3 hours and 39 minutes in length), you'd think there would be a few, or at least, one that would sort of drag things down a bit, but that is just not true here, which is a little surprising.  But, If I were pressured to choose highlights, I would have to say that the scenes that stand out the most are the opening scene with Asa  and Tommy, and then the pairing of Asa and Kurt, as well as the scene with Tommy Pistol and Jeanie Marie Sullivan.

As some of you may know, I come from having over 10 years experience in reviewing films that are more mainstream, and because of that, I guess I am sometimes tough in my rating of films.  So with STARMAKER, it was initially a little tough when it came to the decision as to what score I would give it in the end.  But I have come to the conclusion that I must give it what it truly deserves.  In terms of Adult entertainment, you just can't get much better than STARMAKER.  Great story, great performances, great direction/editing, and great sex.  What more could one want?  Brad Armstrong as really outdone himself here.  Armstrong has been a favorite of mine since my teen years, and it is definitely an honor to review his films, especially one as good as this.

The film is available on DVD, as well as on WICKED PICTURES' website.  Click this link to join  at a special discounted rate.

My score : 9/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Asa Akira and Tommy Pistol
The first scene, sees our character, "Jeremy Quinn"(Tommy Pistol) stretching the truth a little, when he invites Actress, "Mia Tanaka"(Asa Akira) to his house to "try out" for his movie called FAMOUS, however, it would seem that Jeremy knew exactly what he was doing, because Asa is soon sucking his cock.  Lying on the bed, Tommy fucks her face as she sucks, and strokes him off.  Asa then spreads wide, allowing Tommy, to both tongue and finger her ass and pussy, after which, she toys his cock with both her feet and mouth.  This is before Tommy goes on to both double penetrate her ass and pussy with his fingers.  From here, Tommy, slips on a condom, before slipping it into Asa from behind.  Tommy takes full control as he pounds it in, and jams his fingers in her ass.  Doggy transitions to missionary, where the pace continues.  From here, Asa hops on Pistol's cock for a ride.  In cowgirl. things continue hard and fast before Tommy brings her to the edge of the bed, first to fuck her face, and eat her pussy, before things again proceed in missionary. At various speeds, Tommy pounds it in, as he fingers Asa's asshole.  From missionary, Asa turns to her side, allowing for deeper penetration of her love hole, before going back to missionary.  From here, things continue hard and fast, as it causes Pistol to fire.  Pistol blows his load into Asa's mouth to end the scene. - A fucking great scene, it is the best opening sex scene I have seen in awhile.  Tons of energy from both performers.  It is clear as to why the two of them are emerging stars of the industry.  Asa Akira is fucking hot.

Scene 2 : Kalina Ryu and Kaylani Lei and Brad Armstrong
The next scene sees part host, "Martin Anderson"(Brad Armstrong) take on 2 ladies in the bathroom(Kalina Ryu and Kaylani Lei).  The two ladies begin by sucking his cock.  They take turns sucking on the cock, as well as the balls.  While Brad works on Kaylani, Kalina masturbates on the counter, before they all join in.  Kalina eats at Brad's ass, as Kaylani jerks him off, before Kalina gets a chance to throat his cock deep.  It doesn't take long for Kaylani to do the same.  The action continues roughly, until Brad reaches climax, blowing his load into the awaiting, and eager mouths of both ladies.  - A good scene.  Although no real, straight penetration goes down.  All three participants manage to still keep the scene pretty hot.  Both ladies are attractive, especially Kaylani Lei, a face that I have not seen in awhile.

Scene 3 : Jessica Drake and Kurt Lockwood
Martin's wife, "Elise"(Jessica Drake) lies in bed in the next scene, as she ponders why men cheat, especially her Producer husband.  But that is a coincidence, seeing as at that very moment, her boy toy(Kurt Lockwood) is going at her pussy with his mouth under the sheets.  Things soon transition to Drake being on her stomach, with Lockwood tonguing both her ass, and pussy.  Jessica soon returns the favor, as she takes some time to throat and tug on Kurt's cock.  As she continues to suck, we are treated to a good view of her pussy.  She then straddles Kurt in cowgirl, where things progress from nice and show, to hard and steady.  The position gives us a wide open view of the penetration of Drake's hole as she moves up and down, during which Kurt spanks her a number of times.  Things then proceed into spoon, where Kurt continues to hit it hard.  This continues until Kurt lets loose, letting go of his stuff on Jessica's chest. - Another great scene, with a great setup, as well as action.  Jessica as almost always, shines once again.  So sexy.

Scene 4 : Asa Akira Brad Armstrong
This scene sees "Mia"(Asa Akira) go into Martin's office for an audition, where she reads with another actor.  All seemingly goes well.  After which Anderson asks Mia to stay and read for another part with him.  She does, and the dialogue gets hot and heavy, so much so, that they soon go at it.  Brad puts Mia on the desk, to eat at Asa's pussy.  This is followed by Asa sucking his dick.  However, it isn't long before Asa is back on the desk and getting it in missionary.  As Armstrong moves in an out of Asa's slot, he rams it deep.  Akira then sucks him some more, before Armstrong takes her from behind in doggy, as she leans against the desk.  After Brad hits it hard and tight for awhile, Brad is forced to cum in Asa's mouth. - This was a sexy scene.  Again, Asa Akira brings plenty excitement and enthusiasm.

Scene 5 :  Amia Miley and Courtney Taylor and Tommy Pistol
The following scene takes place, finding Jeremy having a bit of a celebratory moment, as he fucks 2 ladies(Amia Miley and Courtney Taylor), who he has told he will write a part they begin by trading off on sucking Pistol's cock.  Things then go to the couch, where Tommy first takes Miley into doggy, before taking Taylor anally in the missionary position.  The view soon changes, giving a good view of the penetration from beneath.  Next up, Amia climbs on in reverse cowgirl and takes the dick, hard.  The action is fast and rough, and soon causes Tommy to pop onto both girl's mouths. - One of the more rough scenes(including anal), the action seen here is great. Lots of energy from all participants.  Great stuff from Tommy.

Scene 6 : Asa Akira and Kurt Lockwood
As a means of revenge for feeling betrayed by "Jeremy", "Mia"(Asa Akira) gets some payback by fucking "Curtis"(Kurt Lockwood).  Things take to a bedroom, as things begin to pick up.  With Tommy Pistol locked away in a closet, Lockwood gets his dick sucked by Asa.  After Asa sucks for a time, she climbs onto Kurt for reverse cowgirl, where she rides hard and deep.  After Kurt pounds her, things continue on the couch is spoon.  Here, Asa spreads wide allowing Kurt to slam deep and hard.  From spoon, things naturally progress, as Kurt rams it an fast and hard in missionary,  The action of course causes Kurt to unleash a huge load onto Asa's pussy. - A very, very good scene. It's rough, and the performers bring the heat in this scene.

Scene 7 : Asa Akira and Jessica Drake
After a confrontation at the spa, "Elise Anderson"(Jessica Drake) and "Mia"(Asa Akira), proceed into a heated fuck session.  Kissing and caressing leads Drake to first go down on Akira, before Asa does the same for Jessica, in which she seems to greatly enjoy.  Asa continues to tongue and suck, before a pair of dildos come into play.  Asa slides one in and out of each of Jessica's tight holes as Asa massages Drake's clit. Next Asa is on all fours, with her ass positioned high, allowing Jessica to slip a dildo into her ass, while also massaging her pussy, after which the scene comes to a climax. - A hot scene featuring 2 hot ladies, there isn't much more to ask for.  But when they are really into the action, it makes the scene that much more effective - as they are here.

Scene 8 :  Jeanie Marie Sullivan and Tommy Pistol
In the eighth scene in the film.  Tommy rushes to Martin's house for revenge of his own, only to be greeted by Martin's kids(Tyler Nixon and Jeanie Marie Sullivan).  Since he isn't there, Jeanie Marie helps Jeremy come up with the perfect way to get back at dear old dad.  She thinks the two of them should fuck.  And that, they do.  They take to the bedroom, where things soon kick off.  Jeanie Marie makes it sloppy, as she adds lots of spit, when sucking Tommy's cock. Standing soon switches to Tommy lying on the bed, where she continues to throat the cock and squeeze his balls.  Tommy returns it going down on her, before burying his face in her ass, while she's on all fours.  Naturally things then proceed is doggy, as Tommy slams his dick into her tight hole.  The action then takes to mish, where Tommy continues to hammer into Jeanie's young slit.  Things then progress into reverse, as Tommy hammers it home, as Jeanie rides rough with her legs spread wide.  Jeanie Marie continues to pounce on Tommy's cock before he can't take it anymore, as the scene ends with Tommy exploding into her mouth. - Holy shit, this scene was hot.  And I think it might have to do with me being so personally into Sullivan.  I had never seen her before, but at the start of the scene I was like "WHO....the....FUCK is THAT!"  I wanted to see her naked right then and there.  Luckily it wasn't long before she was, and she was getting pounded.  She is fucking hot, with a somewhat raspy voice.  When it comes to this movie, I am most envious of Tommy Pistol, because of this scene.

Scene 9 : Asa Akira and Jessica Drake and Kurt Lockwood
To close the film, Elise"(Jessica Drake), "Mia"(Asa Akira), and "Curtis"(Kurt Lockwood), all engage in a threesome. Asa goes down on Jessica, who's on the couch, while Kurt goes to work on Asa from behind,  He goes under her to lick her pussy.  This is before both women take turns sucking his cock.  Kurt eventually takes Jessica into side fuck as Asa encourages.  Asa then gets Kurt's dick anally in missionary, where things are nice and steady as Asa enjoys.  As she continues to get pounded, Jessica straddles Asa's face allowing her to finger her pussy and ass.  The attention then turns to Jessica, who assumes the position in reverse cowgirl from there.  The action is nice and heavy, eventually causing Lockwood to release his load into Asa's mouth, to end scene, and movie. - A nice scene to end things on.  Although it is the 9th sex scene of the picture, it isn't anymore less enjoyable than the others.

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