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December 5, 2015

Movie Review: Cooties (2015)

Reviewed by:

James DePaolo

Cooties is a reminder that horror can be fun and still be effective. The last film I really remember having a blast in and the audience was into it was the remake of Evil Dead. (Then they forgot they had fun in the theater and ran home to post hate on the imdb to be hip) This film felt like Faculty meets Zombieland, in which we get a group of teachers running away from zombie virus infected brats in a small town of Ft. Chicken. Ft. Chicken is famous for their poppable pullet nuggets that they supply to the local schools for the kids’ lunches. Cooties is the example of what old school film fans vs new school everyone is an idiot critic fan. While some are going to complain that this is nothing more than a zombie film with some moments of craziness, they seem to forget that because they watch a film with their cell phone in one hand and an attitude that they are above any film moment that film is not meant to be taken so serious. Films are meant to enjoy, to let the story unfold and stick with it. While I admit some films are far more a task than others, but come on people does everything have to suck or be shit? What do you want a multiplex full of paranormal smart films that give you zero horror but you can experience the boredom of people who are just like you?

I found myself really getting behind the dark humor of this film and the way the story is set up. Now, the last half hour is when all those “ real fans” get that over-the-top stuff that they still will bitch about. It is like when I went to Zombieland, I was with a packed house and everyone laughed and was enjoying the film, then afterwards people were walking out saying “ oh this sucked”. Seriously, you were the one having fun in the movie when did looking cool to show out means to lie to yourself? I just feel the internet while Blair Witch and Paranormal will tell you how they made it work, is just a fail for film in general.

Today’s fans are taking down horror and putting in its place nonsense and no one is complaining. The age of bloggers using ad space to determine their like of a film, or how their friends felt to determine what they truly felt. People have become so depressed that they look for ways to depress themselves more. It is like the unpopular kid at the party, everyone else is having a blast and one person is in a corner by themselves afraid to talk to anyone or hang out, so they sit there till they go home and then say how awful the party really was. It was only awful because you let it be. Did you let the party entertain you? Did you even pay attention? You just sat there already with the mindset that you hated it, so you will hate it.

Cooties is not the second coming or the re-inventing of the wheel, but it was a fun film that if people gave it a fair shot would find a good little film.

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