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October 4, 2012

Movie Review: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Tea Bagging in the UK (2012)

Kevin Smith fans are already aware of his network of podcasts, but if you don't listen to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, you don't know that it's more than an average show. After Jason Mewes, a recovering heroine addict, had a relapse with Vicodin, his wife asked Kevin Smith for help, and Mewes was sent to rehab. When he got out, he needed to be held accountable. Mewes tried podcasting before with Mewescast, but that didn't last. Smith had an idea. He would give Mewes an audience to share his life stories, and during every show, he'd have to share how many days he's been sober with the live audience. It worked, and it made for an interesting podcast.

As he started to take ownership of the show, Mewes wanted to venture outside of L.A., so he and Smith toured with the show. One leg of shows was in the U.K. Three of those shows were recorded, and they're now on a two disc set that includes extras.

Having heard these episodes when they originally aired, it was really interesting to see what the live audience was experiencing. Mewes doesn't just tell a story. He relives it on stage. He also includes audience members in the show for a bizarre game called Let Us Fuck, in which he acts out made up sexual positions with fans.

Like any stand-up comedy DVD, it's hard for me to review the set for content. I enjoyed it. With as many podcasts as I listen to, I never revisit an episode I've already heard. It was interesting to do so in a different medium. SModCo is good at doing that with cartoons called SModimations, and I think they have another winner here.

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