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October 13, 2012

Movie Review: Come and Get Me (2012, Bloody Earth Films)

Directed by Chris Sun
Starring Christian Radford, Shaun Trainer and Alexis Fernandez
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rated: Unrated

Four female friends take a trip to the city for a girls-night-out and after drinking more then their share of shots and lacking a ride home, one of them decides to go through her phone looking for someone to give them a ride. She comes across the number of a boy she used to make fun of when they were in school together and puts up a front, pretending to like him in order to get what she wants. Unfortunately for her though, this young man is now the youngest member of a three man serial-killer team which takes delight in abducting, torturing and killing women who rebuff their sexual advances. Once they hook up for their ride it isn't long before one of the intoxicated girls starts mouthing off and that's when things go south for the quartet of snooty bitches. Deep in the Australian hinterlands and miles from help, the girls must fight for their lives in a night that will be filled with death and terror.

Although not perfect by any means, Come And Get Me does seem to do surprisingly well in the categories that a lot of horror fans admire most, and that is- brutal kill scenes and great make-up effects. The story itself is simple enough, four girls cross paths with the wrong guys and end up in a bad situation and fighting for their lives, but the subtle twist that it delivers is what set it apart from the pack of most torture-porn wannabee’s. And that twist was the fact that all four victims come across as nothing but conniving, self-centered bitches while at least one of the three serial killers is a young man who has been bullied all his life and has finally found acceptance in his two bat-shit crazy road-dogs. This left me for the most part cheering for the psycho’s in this gory little piece of Australian film-work.

As I said before, this is a brutal movie and some of the kill scenes are pretty disturbing, in particular, a beheading that is done with a hunting knife and an excruciatingly slow disembowelment scene which are definitely not for the easily offended viewer. Gore fans should have a good time with this one, as the multitude of bloody kills are definitely the high-point of this film. And really, that's what you pay money for when you buy or rent a DVD like this, isn't it?

Aside from the all too often poor lighting there wasn't really anything about this DVD that I didn't enjoy, it was well paced and the acting was overall pretty damn decent. The blood flowed like wine and the effects were fun and quite realistic. When you add in the cool bonus features this one is a solid purchase for fans of the sticky red stuff. I've never really considered myself a fan of torture-porn but the fact that the “victims” in this film were so irritating made it a surprisingly fun and heartless movie.

I score it 7.5 out of 10

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