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October 25, 2012

Movie Review: Hostel / Hostel II (Blu-ray)

Eli Roth's Hostel films has its fans and its even its very loud detractors that often label the talented (yes, I said talented) director a hack that's just interested in laying on the splatter and flushing any narrative down the toilet. I think their fun though as modern day exploitation.

Hostel I and II has just been released in a bargain double-bill Blu-ray pack by Mill Creek just in time for Halloween. Hostel begins with a group of young men traveling Europe looking to sew their oats. After some time in Holland rolling through the red light district the boys decide they want to hit Slovakia to try some of the girls out there. This does come at the risk of possibly being kidnapped and tortured by rich men looking for a thrill in killing Americans. Gore and humor are in abundance here with plenty of head-scratching moments to entertain.

The sequel reverses the story of the first by bringing girls in to be in the spots of the young men. A little more character development is brought in to mold a couple of torture-loving Americans who make the trip overseas to partake in these evil deeds.

Both films aren’t quite Blu-ray quality as they are quite murky and darker than I remember. No extras of note, but you do get both films in their uncut versions. If you don’t own these films this is a cheap way to snag both.

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