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October 22, 2012

Movie Review: Kill List (2012)

Certain movies gain attention for shock value or twists and turns. Kill List was getting this kind of attention before I even heard of it. At first, it's hard to figure out where that comes from, but as the story plays out, things start to get confusing, but not just for the viewers. Our two main characters get lost in the chaos as well.

We start with Jay, a man who has a tumultuous relationship with his wife due to money issues. Jay hasn't worked in eight months, and cash is dwindling. They try to hide their struggles from their preteen son, but he sees it all. After a dinner with his best friend Gal, Jay decides to return to work. It turns out that the two are hitmen, and they are tasked with a list of victims.

Jay and Gal start on their list, but they find something to be very disturbing. Their victims aren't reacting the way they expect. Jay starts to go off the rails a bit, and Gal can't seem to control him. Things get stranger as time goes on, and everything unravels.

Kill List is getting attention for its bizarre ending. There's really no way to guess what's going to happen. To me, it all felt odd and out of place. It made almost no sense when I got there, and then it was just over. I don't know if it was shock for the sake of shock, but if it is, that sort of thing doesn't really do it for me. When I get to the end of a movie, my reaction shouldn't be, "Where the hell did that come from?" It should fit the story.

The build is good, but again, the end is just there. I can't say I'd recommend this movie for that reason. Michael Smiley is great as Gal. You might know him from the Idris Elba series Luther. The acting all around is actually very good. I just wish the ending made more sense. I say skip Kill List. you'll just be aggravated in the end.

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