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October 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Victim (2012)

Michael Biehn's has always put on some very solid performances as an actor over his 25 year plus career. Most notable in his supporting roles in numerous James Cameron classics (Aliens, Terminator and The Abyss), the genre has taken to directing recently. First, with his debut The Blood Bond and now with the backwoods thriller, The Victim, starring Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and the always lovely Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, Hatchet 2).

When a couple of promiscuous party girls hook up with some crooked cops in the woods for some blow and sex, things are bound to end badly. For one girl, Mary (Danielle Harris), it does. During some rigorous screwing next to some rocks, one of the said cops, Harrison (Ryan Honey), decides to snap her neck mid-coitus. Was it accidental or something he's done before? Mary's friend, Annie (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) witnesses the aftermath and decides to take a run through the forest away from the two men.

Among the massive trees and wildlife there is a cabin, in that cabin resides the reclusive Kyle (Michael Biehn). Kyle just wants some peace, to be by himself and not deal with anyone. As luck would have it, Annie finds Kyle's home and uses him as her protector from Harrison. Harrison doesn't wanna throw her in the clink, he wants her dead just like Mary. It doesn't take too long for Mary to be-friend Kyle and eventually seduce him. With Harrison and his not-too enthused partner, Cooger (Denny Kirkwood) on her tail our damsel in distress seems to have found a safe haven that includes Kyle's bed. I was very surprised to see off-screen couple participate in what I'd have to say is the steamiest sex scene this year. Zalman King and Paul Verhoeven would be proud.

The acting for what is basically a five character piece is pretty good all around. Honey is great and really plays a fine villain. The chemistry between Blanc-Biehn and Biehn noticeable as both play very well together. The film is gritty but I wouldn't call it a "grindhouse" film or "exploitation" - it's essentially a well-made erotic thriller with some very welcome doses of extreme violence.

Anchor Bay has really done a great job on the release. The Blu-ray looks very nice, even for a film that has many scenes shot at night - that are thankfully well lit. The Victim will definitely bring even more respect towards Biehn's much underrated talents. I will be looking forward his future projects since I enjoyed the meagerly budgeted The Victim quite a bit. Recommended.

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