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October 14, 2012

Movie Review: Zombie Babies (2012)

I think I've found a film that would go beautifully as a double-bill with Ryan Nicholson's Hanger. This little bad boy’s called Zombie Babies. Abortion/ comedy epics are really at a minimum for the sickos that dig them so what a pleasant surprise to see Eamon Hardiman's highly offensive and surprisingly occasionally funny flick about aborted babies who come back to life to kill and feast on a group of dopes at an abortion clinic / hotel/casino. Yes, that's the plot. Ohh... the shit we get here for review... wow!

Zombie Babies is not a good film by any stretch technically, but where it lacks in budget, acting, story-line, lighting and solid FX it makes up for with it’s pure gross-out subject matter that would make Paul Ryan drizzle down his pants. One scene in particular had me scratching my head : After having the abortions each of the couples decide to screw. No better time for love-making than post-scrape! Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it is gross. Our vacationers/patients soon become victims to the horde of infant undead.

 The actual Zombie Babies have a creepy look to them although they move much like the monsters in Attack of The Beast Creatures. There’s even a little resemblance. The nudity is ample, as is the sex but I have to warn that there is a scene of a morbidly obese man sweating profusely while fucking his much smaller girlfriend. By the time you make it to that scene you may have witnessed other equally vile scenes involving copious amounts of diarrhea and even an abortion by the giggling proprietors of the establishment - making even that seem tame.

I enjoyed Hardiman’s Porkchop flicks but this one delivers just bit more entertainment value. It’s so hard to look away from this atrocity. Zombie Babies comes recommended to those jaded enough to give this movie a spin in their DVD player.

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