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June 2, 2011

Interview: Zach Green from Fatal Pictures

James DePaolo chats with Worm producer and the co-founder of Fatal Pictures, Zach Green.

1.What made you want to be a producer?

I first went to film school for "Post Production" Editing. Thats what first caught my interest in the industry. I hooked up with my film Partner Writer/Director
Richard Powell at film school in Toronto, ended up editing a short film he had directed and ever since than we have been working together. We started our
production company in 2007. "FATAL PICTURES". And naturally I would produce and put together our films i would naturally want the best i could have for our films so i just stepped up and did everything in my power to get the best cast and crew i could, and finding the locations dealing with all the legalities etc and if i need to ill hire other procure(s) to help me , so Richard can just focus on Writing and Directing the best film he can.

2.What does the term "indie" mean to you?

Indie to me is when you might not have as much help when it comes to crew/cast or money for your film/project, as to a film/project that a studio is behind where you willhave a bigger budget, and when money is involved doors open.

3.Do you think the internet gives too many people way too much freedom?

I dont feel the internet gives people to much power or freedom. It is a great medium for people to promote their work. But yes the internet is bad in the way that it is easy to see a film or song/album from bootleggers etc.

4.Do you think when someone blames the budget as to why a film is not that well received, is fair, or that they are looking for a scapegoat?

Honestly it all depends what they are blaming ? Depending on what the issue is maybe the budget is at fault. Most cases its all about the actors and story. If thats strongyou should be good. But good sound/audio is extremely important to as well as cinematography. I can say that if someone doesn't like your film id hope its not because of your budget.

5.Do you think females get a fair shake in indie films and the industry in general?

What i do know is that cream of the crop will rise. So the fact that you have a vagina shouldnt matter, if your work is great it will show. I dont think the fact that you have a vagina should dictate anything.

6.What was the last film beside your own, that blew you away?

That is a great question. I must give two films to answer this question.
2.The Social Network
I thought both of these films were just incredibly amazing all around. I was speechless.

7.How would you deal with an actor or actress who was not fully behind the vision and script?

Before anyone gets hired onto a project they are fully aware of the vision and what they are needed to portray. If they dont see the vision that's fine. I will find an actor who is.

8.Do you think youtube directors are a insult to people who went to school and learned the trade?

Well everyone has there own path in life. Some people win contests others break their balls and grind it out and goto film school etc. I try not to let it bother me, I just do the best work i can do. And focus on myself and FATAL PICTURES.

9. Do you think the government should take more steps to stop illegal downloading? And how do you feel when you see a review of your film on a site that you know you did not send anything to and do not know how they got it?

I definitely 100 percent feel the government should step in and try and crack as much illegal movie bootlegging and downloading as they can, have a whole division detected on booking all of those scum bags. When i see a review from a legit film critic or film reviewer i think thats wonderful and great to know people are seeing my film when you had no idea. I almost take that as a compliment. Unless you know they illegally saw your film by downloading it or something like that than id be very upset.

10.What is your personal goal, dream?

I want to give the world me and my partner Richard Powell's films and our visions, and give our films back to the world, and have our films live on after we are gone. And just be a great film producer and have the respect from my peers. Just ultimately to make a living a a filmmaker.

11.Do you think a lot of blog critics and for that matter YouTube and other website critics are harsh on indie films?

I don't really pay to much attention and read a lot of them, but hey everyone's got an opinion right. and most of them are just bitter because they couldn't make it as a filmmaker themselves or they arent able to make a film. And others are really awesome iv met a lot of people who write reviews etc. They might not really know what "Indie" is though.
So for that yes that can be really ignorant of them. But take it for what it is just next dude with an opinion.

12.If this never came to be, or had to end tomorrow, what would you do for a living?

I would either be a music producer because music is a huge part of my life as well as a huge passion of mine, or a professional poker player because poker is another one of my passions.

13.If anyone wanted to get started in this biz, what advice would you give?

I don't have any particular answer to that. I just know that if you really love and want to make a film you will find ways to do so, and good luck.

14.What kind of childhood did you have?

I had a great childhood thanks for asking James. Nothing out of the ordinary as much as people might think. Just a very normal up bringing.

15.This is kill, fuck and marry..everyone for thier first interview has to play and please do not be shy...Betty White, Rosanne Barr, and Perez Hilton?

I would fuck Rosanne Barr I would Marry Betty White, and Kill Perez Hilton.

16.What was the last film that offended you, and what offended you about it? Have you seen A Serbian Film?

No film offends me. There are films that I don't necessarily enjoy watching and or that make me feel bad (So I wouldn't watch them).
A Serbian Film ? I don't really watch films like that. Mostly because I know I wouldn't enjoy it.

17.A fan wants you to tell them about Worm, how would you describe it?

I would say its the day in the mind of a bitter failed Writer. Character Geoffrey Oswald Dodd is a school teacher but very angry and bitter.
The audience hears his inner thoughts.
"A new twenty minute dark drama detailing the fragile and increasingly terrifying mental state of misanthropic High School teacher Geoffrey Oswald Dodd."

18.Do you think America and for that matter Canada as well, do you think we need to have censorship laws, or we should just be able to watch and listen to anything without remorse or guilt?

Well everyone has a choice an option to watch or listen to what they want to. I think films and media is already censored enough the way it is now. There should always be warning first to at least let you know what you are about to see.

19.This is plug tell the fans all about you..and how to find you..and all that

FATAL PICTURES would like everyone to know where you can learn and find out what FP is up to and their latest projects.

What did we learn from this interview kids? We learned that he does not like films like a Serbian Film but would have sex unprotected with Roseanne Barr. Zach and Worm are good stuff.

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