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June 11, 2011

Movie Review: Stripperland! (2010)

I really don't think it matters where you are geographically - everybody has a strip club story. Whether you're the guy who hits Scabby's Caberet by the airport once every few months or the fool who drops hundreds weekly in Ginger and Destiny's g-string while getting ten minute lap dances. It all ends the same. Sure, you may get a snail-trail on each knee from the gals but what does that do for you in the grand scheme? Nada. You’re just lighter in the wallet and more than likely yanking your crank later to Red-Tube until you burst blood vessels in your melon. Either way, whether you’re stripper addict or a regular joe the "stripper" is a fascinating creature. Why not combine strippers with the undead? Sean Skelding felt it was prudent to do so by creating the trashy top-less flesh-eating terrors in Cheezy Flix's Stripperland! Does this not sound like a recipe for craptacularness? Let’s have look see!

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Skelding attempts to spoof the popular zombie comedy, Zombieland. Doing a spoof of a comedy isn't quite the easiest feat but for this little indie it actually works most of the time. There's been an outbreak of "zombism" that's effecting primarily the stripper population. Like Zombieland, you have the “rules” for how to survive zombie attacks. We also get two characters named Idaho and Frisco (Ben Shepherd and Jameson Challeen) that basically mirror the leads from Zombieland.

The production value on Stripperland! may be the biggest eye opener. It's actually really sharp. Night scenes are lit very well and there are also some amusing cameos by Troma head honcho, Lloyd Kaufman, Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons) and a ridiculous scene with Daniel Baldwin(the fat Baldwin) playing an Eminem-esque rapper called "Double D".

The gore fx are plentiful but much of it is CGI. This was easily the biggest fault of the film next to its pacing issues. There is way too much babble while these zombie survivalists are on their road trip. Some of the repackaged gags from Zombieland can be head-scratchers but we get enough attempts at humor that does go over just fine. I especially enjoyed the homage’s to Dawn of The Dead and Day of the Dead. There's even a nod to "Bub" from Day..except here Bub has a couple of Hyundai’s on his chest that were more than likely purchased from a Tijuana plastic surgeon. I can’t complain, I like sweater-puppies large and in charge. Just don’t motorboat these girls or you might lose a pound of flesh.

We do get some supplements in the form of several trailers of other Cheezy Flix productions, an audio commentary, a trailer for the film and a compilation of drive-in commercials taken from what appears to be video tape.

To be completely honest, Stripperland! looked like a train-wreck. It ain't. It's actually a hell of a lot of fun. If you're a zombie fan and like your movies packed with boobs, splatter and goofy cameos give Stripperland! a shot.

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