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June 7, 2011

Shameless Plug: THE RED THING

This shameless post is to inform all readers of this blog that my short film, THE RED THING, is currently showing on the website

The short film was made as part of the 50 Hour Film Slam competition a couple months back. All participating teams were given a piece of music, a line of dialog and some other parameters and within 50 hours were required to deliver a completed short film. Here is my humble effort. I was writer/director and it was shot in the house where I live. Please give it a look , and if you like it, give us a vote.

The film stars Wes Deitrick, a veteran of many horror films, including Guyver 2. His daughter May is in it also, as well as my friend Chris Peterson. Another local film maker, Ray Biddle, was my partner on the project. He shot the short and handled post production.

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