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June 5, 2011

The Sweet Life Coming From Synapse Films!

Joan Jett in her romantic comedy debut, THE SWEET LIFE, from Rocco Simonelli, the co-writer of the cult hit THE SUBSTITUTE, and Roy Frumkes, the producer of STREET TRASH!

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Title song "The Sweet Life" performed by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts!
From Rocco Simonelli and STREET TRASH producer Roy Frumkes comes this metropolitan tale of big-city romance.

THE SWEET LIFE is a romantic comedy about two brothers who had nothing in common until an arm-wrestling female bartender took them on.

Sensitive but unsuccessful New York magazine columnist Michael (Jay Lorinz, King of New York, Frankenhooker) looks on while his self-confident and shallow brother Frankie catch all the women and make all the money, and reevaluates his own relationship with his biker-chick roommate, Sherry (Joan Jett). Through a twist of fate, Michael finds himself vying with Frankie for tough bartender Lila's affections, and the results are riotously funny and wholly touching.

Filmmakers Roy Frumkes (Street Trash, The Substitute) and Rocco Simonelli have created a romantic comedy for the modern gotham set.

“The Sweet Life is a fresh, contemporary slant on both the sugar and the vinegar in the sexual rituals of the big-city singles scene that is hilarious, keenly observed, and chock full of refreshing details and insights. Really, a job well done that gives independent filmmaking a good reputation.” – Rex Reed

“What struck me was how quirky the characters were, making The Sweet Life a wonderfully unconventional romantic comedy." – Wes Craven (Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Special Features:

• Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) Presentation
• English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
• Making of The Sweet Life
• Audio Commentary with Director Rocco Simonelli and Stars James Lorinz and
Barbara Sicuranza
• Deleted and Extended Scenes
• Outtakes
• Theatrical Trailer

Disc Info:
Director: Rocco Simonelli
Starring: James Lorinz, Barbara Sicuranza, Joan Jett
Run Time: 91 minutes
Release Date: July 12, 2011
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)
Format: DVD

Price: $19.95

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