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June 17, 2011

Movie Review: Wisconsin Project X (2011)

I seem to be on a little bit of a zombie run here. I recently reviewed The Horde, and sung its praises for being different from the usual zombie flick. Then I come across Wisconsin Project X, which does all of the things that The Horde doesn't. An early scene explains that all of the zombies are modified humans that are part of a failed science experiment. Once they hit the streets, a ragtag bunch has to take them down with coffee. Yes, coffee. That's not really the worst of it, but it is the one original part of this movie.

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We get a little bit of exposition in the beginning. A scientist is running through the halls of the Wisconsinville lab. By the way, it's nowhere near Wisconsin. It's in Montana. Not that it matters, but it made the title seem strange. Anyway, he feels terrible, because the destruction he's walking through is all his fault. This is funny, because later on, he seems proud of his experiment. So, this group of friends accidentally finds out about the coffee thing, and they fill some squirt guns. That's when they hit the streets.

The movie was hard to watch. I don't mean story or acting. That was fine for what it is. It's indie horror filled with references to things they're a fan of. For example, Raimi's is the coffee brand they use. What made it hard to watch was the constant use of close-ups, shaky cam and whatever film treatment they used to cover up bad special effects. You couldn't really tell what was going on most of the time.

If you like indie horror, this isn't that bad, but be prepared for a possible headache or even a seizure. If you suffer from motion sickness or chronic migraines, take a pass. Maybe it was a bad idea to watch this after watching The Horde. It was like the time I went to Dollywood on the way back from Disney World. Maybe it would be fine on its own, but not when you compare it to other work.

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