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June 27, 2011

Movie Review: More Than Sisters

Probably one of the more interesting places to set the backdrop for a vintage fuck-film would have to be in a run-down mental hospital. Shaun Costello's, More Than Sisters takes full advantage of this very idea. Costello, the director of such porn classics as Dracula Exotica, That Lady From Rio, Fiona on Fire and of course, the incomparable Waterpower also takes on the role of John Bollinger, an unconfident guy with coke-bottle thick spectacles, whose very concerned for his wife, Susie Bollinger(Lynn Stevens). Susie seems to be flipping out because of an onslaught of sexually charged dreams. Leave it to Dr Allan Bannister (Jamie Gillis) to help rectify the situation with his own brand of medicine. This hospital , as you'd expect, isn't your average medical facility: The doctors fuck the nurses, the nurses straddle the patients, the patients suck off all of the above. No doubt, sexual healing is the best kind of "therapy".

More than Sisters is pretty heavy on the gratuitous sex but restrained somewhat, aside from a nearly dry anal sex scene (Costello merely licks the tips of his fingers to open Stevens' back-door). Though restrained, the sex scenes - while not as crazy as Costello's later effort , Pandora's Mirror - have a certain well known "maniacal" edge to other fuck films from the era. Amazingly,the Psycho soundtrack is present in a few of the sex scenes. This adds a bizarre mind-numbing quality to the proceedings. Some of the penetration shots are even in rhythm with the "eek eek eek eek".

Some more interesting scenes of note: Jamie Gillis' has some high energy doggie-style on a couch with his nurse. Her creamy white butt-cheeks turns red really quick as Gills slaps her bottom like Ricky Ricardo on a meth binge. It's rough...but for Jamie, it's just an average scene. R. Bolla( Debbie Does Dallas, cannibal genre vet, you may know under the name Robert Kerman) plays the cackling "mad doctor". Bolla, apparently left his boner at the at deli he stopped at before the shoot. The porn legend does the best he can with his "soft-serve" during a pretty solid four-some in one of the cozy hospital rooms.

Of the three films( There's four total ) I've viewed, that Pink Flamingo Entertainment has released for the Shaun Costello Collection, More Than Sisters looks the best overall. I have yet to view Hot Dreams , so that may change but from what I do gather - More than Sisters is sourced from 35 mm elements and mastered in High-Definition. The color looks nice though not perfect. You will see some instances of emulsion, but it's minor. The audio track isn't bad but it does a have a little buzz if you turn the TV up enough. Still, very it's audible .

The extras are inclusive of some of the similar materials seen on the other Pink Flamingo, "Costello Collection" DVDs: Two excellent text interviews with Costello and Cinematographer Maryse Alberti highlight the disc's supplements along with some superb liners, that act as sort of a min-biography for Costello. There is a possible book (hopefully soon) on Costello's life that is sure to be a fascinating read.Rounding out the extras are a couple of different Costello related photo galleries.

Pink Flamingo Entertainment's, More Than Sisters is yet another encouraging sign of what's to come from this company. Bring on Waterpower!

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