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June 20, 2011

Movie Review: Exposed

To me there are three women that rank up as as the most prime female specimens to appear in front of the camera in exploitation films : Uschi Digard, Laura Gemser and Christina Lindberg. Digard and Gemser are amazingly beautiful sporting pretty opposite figures but Lindberg, my friends, is as close to the perfect woman you can get. Synpase Films' DVD release of Exposed, "exposes" all of this gorgeous lady's attributes (in uncut form, no less).

The stunning Swedish sexpot plays Lena, an adventurous young gal who just seems to run into one wild event after another. She eventually gets involved with some a vile womanizing dirtbag named Helge (played by remarkable Swedish character actor, Heinz Hopf). Helge wants to make Lena's life a living hell because he something embarassing dangling over her head in the form of nude photographs. This is classic Lindberg, including copious amounts of flesh thankfully supplied by the beauty and an aroma of sleaze that brings director Gustav Wiklund movie to a place other films don't dare.

Synapse Films has included some very cool extras :

- All-New Featurette with Actress Christina Lindberg
- Two Music Tracks from Christina Lindberg
- Still Gallery
- Theatrical Trailer

Exposed contains English subtitles and is includes its original Swedish language. It looks and sounds very good. The color and detail is there. Naturally there are some small blemishes on the element but overall it's a fine release.

More than any genre company, Synapse has stepped up to the plate to deliver some excellent Swedish cinema releases. Exposed is no different and is essential for any fan of Lindberg.

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